Black Magick Prayers By Carl Nagel

Black Magick Prayers By Carl Nagel
Black Magick Prayers By Carl NagelBlack Magick Prayers By Carl NagelBlack Magick Prayers By Carl NagelBlack Magick Prayers By Carl Nagel

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How To Work With The Dark Angels For A Successful Life


Occult author Carl Nagel returns, with his latest powerhouse of Occult tuition!

BLACK MAGICK PRAYERS is a book like no other - taking the reader through
a simplified series of methods to evoke the astonishing powers of the legendary
Dark Angels.

Have you ever noticed those people who seem to breeze through life, with almost
no effort, and yet who routinely get all of the opportunities, benefits and successes?
The chances are high that these folk all have one, significant advantage over
life’s failures; the chances are that they have discovered how to use the Powers
of Black Magick, in order to enrich their lives beyond expectation.

The Dark Angels are the Servitors of Black Magickal Workings, and this book
finally reveals how to contact and work with these powerful occult forces in order
to enrichen YOUR life, beyond measure!

Within these pages, you are shown - in plain language - how to prepare yourself
to make direct contact with Spiritual Forces which are older than mankind.

Everything presented here is completely safe, so long as the step-by-step
instruction is followed, and involves neither blasphemy, blood nor sacrifice. This
is SANE Black Magickal instruction for the 21st Century, and Nagel skilfully
strips back all of the usual mumbo-jumbo, leaving only what is required.

The Black Magick Prayers in this book cover many of life’s most important
aspects, and within these pages, you will find Black Prayers and Spells
for most requirements:

- The Black Magick Prayer for Financial Security
- The Black Magick Prayer to Clear Debt
- The Black Magick Prayer to Bring Exces Good Luck
- The Black Magick Prayer to Bring A Lover
- The Black Magick Prayer to Rekindle A Relationship
- The Black Magick Prayer to Punish an Enemy
- The Black Magick Prayer to Repel Enemies
- How to Make a Black Magick Divining Pendulum
- And Much, MUCH More!




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