Biblia Satanae By LCF NS

Biblia Satanae By LCF NS

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The Satanic Anti-Bible (Writings of Satanism)


Satanic book of pride, rebellion and liberation from an insane philosophy based on fear of eternal punishment for imaginary original sin.

This collection of satanic scriptures consists of texts that are direct contradictions of Judeo-Christian religious writings written in antiquity by anonymous authors. Satanic writings contained in this book form a blasphemous philosophy that is the opposite of the anti-human philosophy preached by the followers of the desert god of antiquity and his self-proclaimed son. It is that version of Satanism which is a direct contradiction of Christian religion. Included in this book are the scriptures that are a kind of negation of the old covenant, blasphemy against the new covenant, and dark, blasphemous anti-prophetic writings. They form a single, coherent whole - a real satanic inverted bible.

The book consists of six parts:

I - Genesis Secundum Serpentem

II - Pseudoevangelium Secundum Luciferi

III - Profanum Evangelium Secundum Diaboli

IV - Epistle to the Damned

V - Epistle to the Undead

VI - Pseudoapocalypsis

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