Black Arts By Stephen James Wakefield

Black Arts By Stephen James Wakefield
 Black Arts By Stephen James WakefieldBlack Arts By Stephen James Wakefield 

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Journeys on the Left-Hand Path


Witch...Sorcerer...Vampire...Werewolf...Demon...The Black Magicians...The concept of evil is as old as humanity, and its forms legion.

Evil, the chaos it is believed to worship and the darkness it is believed to venerate are all terrifying and fascinating in equal measure, affecting countless minds, defining cultures and forging entire histories.Herein lies the story of evil, and of those said to have worshipped in its name.

From Ancient Mesopotamia, through 16th century England and 19th century France to modern-day Africa, all manner of night-hags, heretics, beasts and orgiasts are to be found, in an enthralling story of faith, fear and wholly human division.Tribal curses – Zombies – Necromancers – Blood Rites – Black Mass...All are Journeys on the Left-Hand Path, from which few have returned unchanged.




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