Book of Demons By Stephen James Wakefield

Book of Demons By Stephen James Wakefield
 Book of Demons By Stephen James WakefieldBook of Demons By Stephen James Wakefield 

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An A-Z of the Diabolic


Demons have long plagued us and haunted us. From the most ancient and fundamental spiritualities to the most complex and modern, the idea of the demonic, Satan and all manner of devils has long maintained the closest of relationships with humanity.

They are tempters toward sin, the weapons of destruction, nightmare visions and perpetrators of eternal torment - but they are also supernatural initiators that grant wisdom, power and very possibly riches to those who dare to deal with them. Demons are a wide variety of things to a wide variety of people, and they continue to teach us much about ourselves and our fellow men and women, not least the darkest and most suppressed truths which they embody more perfectly than anything else we might dare to imagine.

This study offers over 1200 entries on all aspects of the diabolic, and serves as an invaluable reference for anyone interested in the overwhelming, confusing and yet fascinating lore of demons and demonology including the rites of Black Magic, Goetia, Necromancy and the array of practitioners, entities and gods that are to be found there.

Do not 'abandon all hope', those who enter here - but do tread carefully, show respect...and leave a light on lest you lose your way!




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