Book of the Black Dragon by Audra

Book of the Black Dragon by Audra
 Book of the Black Dragon by AudraBook of the Black Dragon by Audra 

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By Audra


Eclectic Coven Witch Audra has well over twenty years of practical experience with many forms of Witchcraft and Occult Ritual.

In this, her latest book, Audra delves into the Magickal and Ritual use of DRAGON’S BLOOD - a HUGELY powerful Magickal ingredient whose name conjures the mighty powers of the mythical Dragons of yore.

In reality, of course, Dragon’s Blood doesn't contain the blood of real dragons. Rather, the name relates to a red-tinted ritual and ceremonial powder composed of specific plant resins.

Cheap and easy to obtain (or even make yourself, using any of the online recipes), Dragon’s Blood is all-too frequently ignored by many practitioners; an awful mistake, as its use can often make all the difference between a spell succeeding spectacularly, or failing abysmally!

Within these covers, Audra guides the Occult Practitioner - simply, and in easy-to-follow language - through the multiple, astonishing uses that Dragon’s Blood resin can be put to.

Unlucky in your love life? How much could your situation improve, by putting Audra’s Dragon’s Blood Love Powder Spell? (This is one of the most POTENT Love Spells we’ve ever seen!)

Perhaps it’s your personal finances which need dire attention the most? Again, Audra’s Dragon’s Blood Fast Money Spell will be your go-to method for ridding yourself of those tedious money worries - the Publisher of this very book uses this Spell REGULARLY, and to remarkably great success!

In this book, you will find page after page of simple, powerful spells, each and every one designed and tested to influence a great many areas of your life for the better - Spells for gaining those material goods that you’ve long lusted after... For obtaining prestige and promotion in your work, for landing a new job.

The list goes on and on! Audra is world renowned for her thoroughness, and you’ll find she covers every likely requirement, from all-purpose success spells to specific gambling spells... from Spells to locate lost property to powerful protection spells.

You’ll also find one of Audra’s most powerful ‘dark’ rites - the Enemy Torment Powder Spell - not to be used lightly, or without serious consideration, this one spell can give you the ability to fight-back against any and all opponents who cause you misery.




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