The Ultimate Book of Crystal Magick by Audra

The Ultimate Book of Crystal Magick by Audra
 The Ultimate Book of Crystal Magick by AudraThe Ultimate Book of Crystal Magick by Audra 

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Eclectic Coven Witch Audra is back, with her latest jam-packed book on the miraculous, secret powers of Traditional Coven Spells and Rituals.

Never before released to the general public, many of these simple yet powerful Spells and Rites are recorded within this remarkable book for the very first time! As always, Audra stresses that she sees no reason why the work of generations should be kept secret, only to be used by those considered 'privileged' enough to receive it.

“Witchcraft, Spells and Magick in general has absolutely no need to be complicated,” says Audra, and this astounding book PROVES it, with simple, clear, step-by-step instruction - most of the material needs nothing more than a small, semi-precious crystal (available cheaply in many stores and online shops), some privacy and a little time.

There is absolutely NO NEED to join a Coven, ‘sell your soul’, or dance naked under the full moon (unless you really want to, of course!) - all of the POWERFUL workings presented here have been specifically written for the solo practitioner, looking to change elements of their lives for the better.

And - of course - that’s what this book is all about - transforming those areas of your life which you are unable to improve by your own efforts! All of the Spells and Rites in this book use the astonishing powers of the Earth’s own Magickal tools, to focus your desires and assist you in bringing them into physical reality - simply, easily and effectively.

You will find no other book like it!


- Background and introduction to the Crystal Magick of the Witches
- A truly POWERFUL Crystal Cleansing and Charging Ritual
- The Crystal Love & Romance Spell
- The Crystal Spell for Sexual Encounters
- The Crystal Spell to Ensure Fidelity in Your Partner
- The All-purpose Crystal Good Fortune Spell
- The Crystal Wealth Spell
- The Crystal Job Success Spell
- A Full set of POWERFUL Crystal Protection Spells for Yourself, Your Loved Ones & Your Home
- A Complete Chapter PACKED with Healing and Well-being Spells.
- Plus MUCH More!

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