Book of the Fallen By Martin McGreggor

Book of the Fallen By Martin McGreggor
 Book of the Fallen By Martin McGreggorBook of the Fallen By Martin McGreggor 

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Satanic Theory, Ethics, and Practice


The Satanic community has historically been plagued by division and conflict. Segregated along theological lines, Satanism as a whole has suffered a crisis of identity in the modern era.

Without any kind of real central organizational structure representative of all Satanic beliefs, questions have begun to arise even within the Satanic community itself regarding Satanic practice.

What is Satanism? What does it mean to be Satanic? Can these questions even be answered without falling back on subjective opinion and personal experience?

In this pivotal work, Martin McGreggor explores the answers to these questions from a cross-cultural and non-denominational perspective, creating a Satanic ethos that remains relevant across cultural, religious, and even Satanic lines. Discover a mature and nuanced Satanic belief architecture, the result of over fifteen years of active Left Hand Path practice.

Learn not only the theory behind Satanism, but also the ethics and practices that make up its actual application. Use the freedom and support offered by Satan to attain mastery in all aspects of your life. Fill your days with the things you want for yourself, and live the lifestyle that best suits you.

Be the greatest player in the song of your life, orchestrated by Satan and under the guidance of the Daemons of Hell.

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