Candle Magic For Beginners By Electra Valencia

Candle Magic For Beginners By Electra Valencia
 Candle Magic For Beginners By Electra ValenciaCandle Magic For Beginners By Electra Valencia 

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Discover Candle Magic and Make Your Wishes Come True


Spellbound you stare into the flame. Will my wish come true? You gasp as the flame flickers, is someone working against me or is it just a draft through the room? You swallow hard as the flame sputters and crackles, what does it mean? Do you want to know how to use candle magic to make your wishes come true? Do you want clear and easy to follow instructions for spells that work? Do you want to know what to add or do to strengthen your candle spells or make them work faster? Are you unsure to its meaning when reading the candle flame and left over wax? Read on.

Everything is energy and we are all connected. If you can tap into the universal energy, and focus your intention, you can change your life to your wishes. Using candle magic can be as simple as burning a tea light candle when you take a bath. It can also be as elaborate as needing pointed shoes and a hat and a special room and only doing spells when the moon is full. If you know how, you have the power to harness candle magic to your wants and wishes.

Inside Candle Magic For Beginners You Will Discover:
  • The 2 main ways how candle magic works with its pros and cons.
  • 9 Main different types of candles and choosing the right one for your spell.
  • 11 Moon Cycles and how to use each to maximize the effect of your spells.
  • 15 Steps to guide you to Practicing Candle Magic. From getting ingredients to reading the flame and discarding leftover wax.
  • 31 Spells you can easily use today with no experience needed. Some needing no candles.
  • How to Incorporate Tarot cards, Runes and power symbols to enhance your spells.

No matter if you have never lit a candle in your life. With this down to earth book and easy to follow step-by-step instructions you can be practicing spells today. Even if you are an experienced practitioner, you are destined to find something of value in this book. Just one simple idea could change your destiny.

Bonus Included in This Book:
  • Choosing the right spell for you and your needs.
  • 7 Main wicks used in candles and how to choose the correct one for you.
  • 4 Main types of wax used in candles and their pros and cons.
  • How to use and choose the correct color candle.
  • How to incorporate oils and herbs into your spell.
  • Making your own Sigils.

If you want to know more about candle magic, then This Book Is For You

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