Summary of Advanced Magick for Beginners By Alden Marshall

Summary of Advanced Magick for Beginners By Alden Marshall
 Summary of Advanced Magick for Beginners By Alden MarshallSummary of Advanced Magick for Beginners By Alden Marshall 

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A concise and professionally-researched

summary of Alan Chapman's book: "Advanced Magick for Beginners"


From Alden Marshall’s Condensed Esoterica series, this complete summary provides a fast and straightforward way to understand and study the main ideas and concepts of the original source text. About the Original Book: Advanced Magick for Beginners by Alan Chapman is a book with a quite unique approach to chaos magick, magicians, and the learning process: The book thoughtfully explains the introductory concepts of magical acts, rituals and invocations in a humorous and informal way, making the learning process enjoyable and light. Each chapter is divided by sections with amusing and cleverly-named titles.

The first half introduces the reader to various support practices such as divination, enchantment, trance work, and astral projection, in order to prepare the reader to the final half of the book, which discusses the core practices and how magick affects the world and the individual that practices it. The reader will realize that instead of approaching Chaos Magick heavily, the writer proposes a revision to the theme in order to ease the interpretation

The book is filled with anecdotes of Alan Chapman’s experience in rituals and magic, individually and in groups.

The book also describes numerous exercises, ranging from the simple to the very complex in execution.

Beginners and experts alike will undoubtedly have much to learn from this book.

Added-value of this summary:

* Save time

* Understand the key concepts

* Expand your knowledge

Note to readers: This is an unofficial summary and analysis of the book and not the original book itself.

Alden Marshall and the Condensed Esoterica Collection are wholly responsible for this content and are not associated with the original author in any way. You are encouraged to purchase and read the original text in addition to this summary.

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