Every Ending is a Beginning By Gloria Ellelujah

Every Ending is a Beginning By Gloria Ellelujah

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It was in her youth as a nurse to the terminally ill that author G. Ellelujah realized that there was no such thing as a finality of consciousness, that the notion of ‘death’ is an illusion.

In their closing hours patients would invariably smile with happy expectancy.

She never saw any of them die looking unhappy. What she realized is that what is called ‘death’ is merely a transition. But a transition to what?

This comforting, inspiring booklet explains.

Contents include: Life Is An Endless Unfoldment – You Will Meet Loved Ones Again – The Time Here Is Not The Time There – Where Are The So-Called Dead? – The Man Pronounced ‘Dead’ Yet Lived 3 Days Outside His Body – Death Is Living At A Higher Vibration.

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