The Prayer That is Always Answered By Alan Reynolds

The Prayer That is Always Answered By Alan Reynolds

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This – The Prayer That is Always Answered – unlocks the door to the cosmic blessings that bring continuous material and spiritual riches, says Mr Reynolds! Just five short sentences unlock this power … a power that can transform your life! This is The Prayer That is Always Answered.

A wheelchair-bound man was told he would never walk again. Two weeks after receiving this revelation he was back on his feet. He began a new life. You can be healed in body and spirit. The Prayer That is Always Answered can be applied to any need.

It releases a never-ending flow of love into your life. Its effectiveness increases with repetition until one begins to lead what others will swear is a ‘charmed life’. Decide how much money you need. Decide exactly what it is you want in your life. Decide what you don’t want in your life. Then turn to The Prayer That is Always Answered to see it through. Disappointments, failures, and regrets can all be consigned to the past.

Through The Prayer That is Always Answered you can live again. Live anew. Live optimistically. Live with confidence and happy expectation, doubts and worries discarded. This book explains the TRUTH of answered prayer. It explains why most prayers go unanswered. The revelation here can help and provide comfort for anyone of any religious persuasion.

It compromises no-one’s faith. This revelation liberates the spirit, enabling one to be at last open to the limitless blessings of universal mind. This book brings inexhaustible comfort, and with it a power that could change your life. It brings the promise of a fresh start. A new beginning. The Prayer That is Always Answered can bring you everlasting love. It delivers riches of the soul and priceless peace of mind.

This is not wishful thinking. Benefits are felt within moments of reading this simply written and inspiring book. It could mark a turning point in your life, indeed transforming it, if you so wish.

Contents include:

Why You Can Expect A Complete Healing … Why Prosperity Can Become an Automatic and Natural Part of Your Life … The Principle of Exchange … Something In Your Life Has to Go Before Something New and Better Enters … How To Get Money Circulating Continuously in Your Life.




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