Magic: An Occult Primer 50 Year Anniversary Edition by David Conway

Magic: An Occult Primer 50 Year Anniversary Edition by David Conway

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David Conway's Magic: 

An Occult Primer is a seminal work that brought magical training to the every-magician in the early 1970s.


Along with the updated texts on philosophy and practical magic this anniversary edition includes redrawn graphics. 

Magic: An Occult Primer is divided into two sections; "Magical Theory" and "Magical Practice." Also included is a substantial set of Appendices. In the "Magical Theory" section David Conway presents a very concise accounting of the philosophy behind magic. Conway begins with an exposé of magic within the confines of natural law, taking the time to meticulously find corollary for the basis of magic. He then takes us into an exposition of the Kabbalah and broader cosmological concerns. Conway drills down into daily practice and further explores the basic training necessary for a magician in this day and age. 

The "Magical Practice" section begins with the preparations necessary for the practice of magic. Conway begins this section with several tables of correspondences that will prove helpful to even the advanced magician. He continues with an examination of timing of rituals as well as the place and ritual equipment necessary for rites. Conway then provides master rituals presented for both Kabbalistic and Egyptian approaches. He also presents detail on Astral Project, Talismanic Magic and Prophecy.

Magic: An Occult Primer concludes with a deep set of Appendices, presenting detailed magical recipes, and examination of magical alphabets and an extensive Occult Who's Who. <p/>"Nowadays there are countless books on Magic. This one is different. As different as when it first appeared in 1972. What makes it different is that it tells the reader--expert or beginner, sceptic or believer--what Magic is, why Magic works and, most importantly, how Magic can be worked. Few books do all three, certainly not with so much style, scholarship and humour.

This new edition, enlarged and updated by the author, is certain to delight old friends and win over countless new ones. I highly recommend it." -- Maxine Sanders

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