Occult Defense & Counter-Strike by David Khune

Occult Defense & Counter-Strike by David Khune
 Occult Defense & Counter-Strike by David KhuneOccult Defense & Counter-Strike by David Khune 

Daemonic Dreams

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David Khune


Ceremonial Magician and Magickal Tutor DAVID KHUNE is back, with a truly ESSENTIAL work for every Student of the Occult Arts.

OCCULT DEFENSE & COUNTER-STRIKE provides a complete Magickal System of Protection and Retaliation, which will serve you in more ways than you could possibly hope to realise.

Whether we recognise the fact, or not, a great many of us are under the direct influence of those in our daily lives whose jealousy, fragile egos and simple-minded spitefulness will affect us more ways than many are ever aware!

Within the pages of this book, Khune teaches a full series of simple, step-by-step Occult Rites to identify, nullify and actively STRIKE BACK at these horribly dangerous people.

In his usual, inimitable style, Khune guides the student through the self-same teachings that are employed by his own Magickal Order, and which form an essential foundation of Occult practise.

The topics covered in OCCULT DEFENSE & COUNTER-STRIKE include:

  • The Nature of Occult and Psychic Attack
  • Actions to be Taken Immediately
  • Full Psychic Attack Protection Ritual
  • How to Manipulate the Aura of an Enemy
  • Types of Aura Manipulation, and Their Effects
  • A Ritual to Banish Evil Influences
  • The Curse Against Curses
  • ....And Much, MUCH more!

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