MILESTONES TO GOD Healing Mind & Emotions By Dr. Lori M. Poe

MILESTONES TO GOD Healing Mind & Emotions By Dr. Lori M. Poe

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This beautifully produced 250 page book guides the reader on the path to self-Illumination. Secrets of visions, out-of-body consciousness, healing, fate, reincarnation, etc. This book has received rave reviews: 'A life rope & road map... to the secret place of the Heart of God. This treasured book proves all answers are within you' - American Literary Agency. 'A journey into self-realisation... a landmark book, exciting & revealing' - Rosentahl Resource Guide. 'This book should be read by all for spiritual enlightenment & growth' - Golden Leaves Bookmart. 'I found this work mesmerising' - Milton Press Gazett. 'It offers readers comfort, inner strength & the feeling they are no longer alone' - Cincinnati Enquirer.

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