Mountain of the Black Flame by Howard Vernon

Mountain of the Black Flame by Howard Vernon
 Mountain of the Black Flame by Howard VernonMountain of the Black Flame by Howard Vernon 

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Howard Vernon


Occult expert Howard Vernon returns, with an earth-shattering new title which lifts the lid on the Dark Art of POWERFUL Luciferian Magick.

Lucifer, the very embodiment of Satan himself, is - without doubt - one of the most AWE-INSPIRING spirits any Student of the Occult will ever work with; doubtless one of the main reasons why most only work with his lesser counterparts.

While it’s certainly true that most Luciferian Magickal Systems are filled with densely-packed paragraphs of Latin and Greek invocations, in this book, Vernon has done the unthinkable...

All of the rhetoric has been carefully peeled away, and re-built for SIMPLE, SAFE use in the 21st Century. Filled with detailed step-by-step instruction, Vernon guides the Student carefully through all of the accompanying Rituals, with all of the essential details which have for so long been hidden from the uninitiated finally revealed.

Inside this remarkable, potentially life-changing, book you will find a veritable Temple-full of STRONG yet simple Luciferian Magick, which can be put to use
practically immediately.

To make the Student’s work even more straight-forward, also included with this remarkable title is a Solid Brass BLACK LUCIFERIAN PENTACLE - Crafted for you, completely by hand in the traditional manner, by a genuine Initiate of the Occult Arts.

This POWERFUL tool is utterly unique, and will help you to establish a firm, lasting bond with Lucifer and a number of his most effective minions, who you will also be introduced to, as your work with this book progresses.

Within these pages, you’ll find practical Rituals, which YOU can use to enhance your life in almost any way imaginable! You’ll learn, too, of forbidden Necromantic Workings, which let you commune directly with the Spirits of the Dead, as well asworking with Lucifer’s consort, the she-Demon Lilith.

Working with Lucifer, according to many Occultists, can be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever encounter. If you’ve been scared by the complexity of working with the Prince of Darkness and Bringer of the Light of Knowledge, then this is one book you cannot afford not to have in your Occult Library.

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