New Salt Magick Rites By Jason Pike

New Salt Magick Rites By Jason Pike
 New Salt Magick Rites By Jason PikeNew Salt Magick Rites By Jason Pike 

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Salt Magick Works - These Unsolicited Testimonials Prove It: 'Have already head two wins on the pools' - A.P. (Fleetwood) 'In ten minutes my violent son quietened down after I did the salt rite ... I've had no trouble from him since' - P.E. (Manchester) 'It really works! ... I won £1411 - A.P. (Grimsby) 'Since I got your book ... money has come into my home in different ways ... my son paid off his debts ... I bless the day I sent for this book' - A.L. (Hove) (This lady wrote again five months later; 'The salt is still working for us ...every day we receive something good') Photo-copies of these actual testimonials available on request. Many more available!

NEW SALT MAGICK RITES Bring Incredible Results ... Sometimes Within Hours, Even Minutes! Never Before Made Public. First Time In Print. Simple 1, 2, 3 Rites You Can Do In The Privacy Of Your Own Home The average New Salt Magick Rite takes only minutes to do. And you can do it in the privacy of your own home. All you need is common table salt and the wish to make your dreams come true.


This brand new book shows how anyone can do it. You only need a packet of salt - and (apart from this book) nothing else! No other ingredients are required for most of the salt rites in this new book. You will be astonished at their simplicity - and even more astonished at the fast results!


People have performed it for Milena to solve their problems. Salt is incorruptible; and it is this quality which has given it a magickal significance in the minds of many people. It has always been used in magick ritual as a repellent of evil forces. From time immemorial those acquainted with salt lore would dare not enter a new home without first sprinkling salt outside its door. They would not allow a new baby to leave home without carrying salt; nor would they swear oaths without the presence of salt. There are literally hundreds of salt superstitions. No other substance has generated so much magickal fascination.

You will read of a few of these superstitions in this new book. Perhaps the best known salt superstition is the dread of spilling salt, always believed to be a sign of impending disaster. The well known formula for averting disaster is to pick up the spilt salt and cast over the left shoulder. There is more about this in the book. Did you know you could keep unwanted persons away from your home by sprinkling salt outside your door?

Read in this book what exactly it is you have to do. In his foreward to Mr. Pike's book writer Jim Barry explains how using salt in this way may have kept unwanted persons out of sight. 'They have never troubled me again', he writes.


Sprinkle salt on pools and lottery coupons. Carry a pinch of salt when you go to place a bet. Salt rites are easy, clean and so simple to perform! Anyone of any religious faith can do them!


You will be astounded at the change in your life! This brand new book shows how to get results ... over and over again! These simple rites have never before been made public! These are far simpler than the only other salt rituals previously published (in Marcus Bottomley's 'Salt Power' book, now out of print).

Jason Pike, the author of this new book has presented these Salt Magick Rites in such a way that even a child can perform them! The magic use of salt is of great antiquity but the new rites in this book are made simple for today's busy woman and man! Mr Pike's own marriage was saved from divorce, thanks to Salt Magick! He writes, 'The end was at hand - we just couldn't live together any longer. I tried the salt rite in desperation ...IT WORKED IMMEDIATELY! The peace that entered our home was unbelievable! Now we are happier than ever before!' In this book you will find the precise New Salt Magick Rite that saved his marriage. It takes only minutes to do - and yet what wonders it can bring!

You will find in this book:

* New Salt Magick Brings Money. See in Chapter 1 how it can solve your money worries! Receive cash from unexpected sources! Money seemingly out of thin air!

* Command Another Person's Thoughts And Actions! This seems unbelievable - but see Chapter 12! (important: this cannot be used to harm someone. Salt Magick cannot be used in this way).

* New Salt Magick For Regaining Youth. This is an age-old formula. Those who have used it swear it works! But it takes 14 days to see results. Chapter 8 explains.

* New Salt Magick For Protection. Protect yourself and loved ones from physical injury! See Chapter 7! 

* Salt Rite To Get A Job. Carry a pinch of salt when you go for an interview. See in Chapter 6 exactly what to do! Incredibly simple, but those who have tried it swear that this ancient formula works!

* New Salt Magick For Bringing A Lover! The person you want in your life can be yours. Also try this on someone you have parted with. See Chapter 2.

*Diseases And Ailments Healed. Salt Magick should not be used as a substitute for your doctor; but those who have tried it are convinced it helped them! Even total cures of serious health problems have been reported! See Chapter 11.

* See Behind Walls; Read Other Peoples's Minds; See The Future. Chapter 3 reveals what to do!

You can bring love back into your life with this power! The one who doesn't want to know you now can have a change of heart once you use this potent magick! And you don't need a photo or any article that belongs to the person for the magick to work!

Also in this remarkable new book are the actual Salt Magick Rites that can help you: TRAVEL OUTSIDE YOUR BODY. An incredibly simple astral projection technique which the author swears by! ...SUMMON YOUR PERSONAL GUARDIAN ANGEL TO MATERIALIZE BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES. It can happen!

See Chapter 5 for creating the salt circle in which to see the phenomenon. When he appears ask for what you want in life so that he may bring it to you! ...PROTECT YOUR HOME FROM FIRE AND THEFT.

Simple New Salt Magick gives you not only protection but peace of mind ...PSYCHIC DEFENCE. Has someone placed a curse on you? Are you a victim of evil black magick? Salt magickally dissolves such evil vibrations and sets you free.

See Chapter 14. Would you believe you can actually control the weather through Salt Magick? Author Jason Pike has kept records of using magick to control the elements and is convinced it works. This is the only Salt Magick Rite in the book which needs to be performed outdoors.

The uses of Salt Magick are practically without limit.

All the ancient peoples - Egyptians, Hebrews, Greeks, Romans, to name a few - believe in its power; millions still do.

Use the amazingly simple New Salt Magick Rites and find out why.

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