Power Spells & Rituals of the Great Baron Samedi by Audra

Power Spells & Rituals of the Great Baron Samedi by Audra
 Power Spells & Rituals of the Great Baron Samedi by AudraPower Spells & Rituals of the Great Baron Samedi by Audra 

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Hereditary Coven Witch Audra returns, with this truly ASTONISHING title, teaching a COMPLETE SYSTEM OF POWERFUL VOODOO WORKINGS, all carefully designed to impact and change your world for the better!

Audra has steeped herself in the Magickal knowledge, beliefs and practises of a multitude of cultures, over the decades, and this book, which has called itself to your attention now, is the culmination of her works with the Legendary Loa of the Haitian Traditions.

Each and every Ritual presented within these pages focuses upon the Dark Powers of the legendary Prince of the Dead himself - Baron Samedi...

This is the very first time an entire book of Magickal Workings with the aid of The Dark Baron Himself has been made available to the general pubic, but Audra pulls no punches, when it comes to sheer simplicity and effectiveness!

Cutting through the mumbo-jumbo found in so many books on the subject of Voodoo, Audra lifts the veil on a full set of simplified, safe and effective Rites and Conjurations which simply GET THE JOB DONE!  Whether you are seeking the Baron’s aid to spice-up your love-life, find Power & Success, Gain material Riches, or to force others to do your bidding, THIS is the book you have been waiting for!

Within these pages, you will discover how to engage Baron Samedi’s aid to:

Draw Money and Love, Succeed with Gambling where others fail and unleash a veritable Powerhouse of Success in Career and Business Dealings.

Seeking a REAL Boost to your Confidence and Worldly Powers? There are full Rituals for this very purpose too, along with POWERFUL Healing and Protection Rites.

This is only the start, though, and there are a FULL SERIES of Rituals here, to help you take your life to the Next Level...  You have only to ask!




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