Power Spells to Love and Dominate by Audra

Power Spells to Love and Dominate by Audra
Power Spells to Love and Dominate by AudraPower Spells to Love and Dominate by AudraPower Spells to Love and Dominate by Audra

Daemonic Dreams

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Hereditary Witch Audra has arrived at Daemonic Dreams, and she’s here to show YOU just how AMAZINGLY your life can be empowered, using the awe-inspiring Occult Powers which lie within each and every one of us, just waiting to be tapped, and put to DEVASTATING effect!

Audra is well-known for her no-nonsense ability to teach SIMPLE spells, with POWERFUL effects! You’ll find no stuffy, academic history, or pointless, rambling
background materials here - just page after page of effective, easy-to-use Occult Rituals which can be employed virtually immediately.

Audra’s works are absolutely perfect for those who are new to the Occult Arts, and are safe, tried and tested!

Whether you’ve always wondered about the true benefits of Witchcraft and Occultism, or are a seasoned practitioner, looking for a new treasury of quick, powerful Rites, Audra’s range of titles make them and ESSENTIAL addition to your Occult Library.

POWER SPELLS TO LOVE AND DOMINATE, the first in this series, contains:

  • Introduction to Invoking Rituals
  • Invoking Ritual for Love
  • Invoking Ritual for Sex
  • Invoking Ritual for Fidelity
  • Invoking Ritual for Friendship
  • Invoking Ritual for Popularity
  • Invoking Ritual for Increased Wealth
  • Invoking Ritual for New Job or Promotion
  • Invoking Ritual for Material Possessions




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