Prayers of Darkness by Carl Nagel

Prayers of Darkness by Carl Nagel
Prayers of Darkness by Carl NagelPrayers of Darkness by Carl NagelPrayers of Darkness by Carl Nagel

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Carl Nagel is BACK, with a truly extraordinary book of Demonic Rites, the likes of which you will find nowhere else!

PRAYERS OF DARKNESS is a book unlike any other - within these covers lay a number of simple, yet highly-effective Prayers, Psalms and Chants, all drawing their astonishing power from the Dark Forces of the Underworlds.

Demonic entities and forces, says Mr. Nagel, are absolutely nothing to be afraid of, and are far, far easier to work with than you would imagine. You DON'T have to 'sell your soul' (in fact, most Demons wouldn't thank you for it!), and there is absolutely NO NEED for Blood Sacrifices, Graveyard trips or Weird Sexual

YOU can reap the benefits of the Occult Powers bestowed by the Spirits of Darkness!

How would you like to vanquish your enemies, with POWERFUL Occult assistance?

How would you like to fast-track your life, and get AHEAD, just for once?

If you're seeking Wealth, Power, Love, Sex or Dominion over others, this book contains the Secrets of the Forbidden Verses, which can unlock your future NOW, claims Nagel!

Carl Nagel is world-renowned for his simple, step-by-step Occult coaching, and if you've never worked with the Darker Powers previously, you will find this the ideal introduction.

Within these pages, you will find:

  • The Black Psalm of Vassago to See the Future
  • The Gambling Luck Chant of Dark King Asmoday
  • The all-important Prayer to Lucifer
  • The Black Prayer of Torment
  • The Black Psalm of Abaddon
  • The Death-Chant of Andamalech
  • The Black Prayer for New Prosperity
  • The Master Chant for Demonic Power
  • The Black Chant for Power Over Others
  • The Black Chant to Attract People
  • And many, MANY more!

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