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A week before writing this I won $10,000 in a contest in which there were 80,000 entrants. Some say it was 'just good luck', but I know it happened because I used Magic Psychic Power.

How much do you need right now? $500? ... $1000? ... $10,000? ... or very much more? Be specific about the sum you want for with Psychic Magic Powers it can appear in your life in next to no time. I will show you how to materialize your desires out of nothingness. It takes only five minutes practise a day to witness the wonders of using Magic Psychic Powers.

No man or woman can resist you when you use these powers. Someone who is now cool towards you will burn with hot desire once you start using these magic powers. You can prove it to yourself in just five minutes a day.

I will show you how to control objects such as dice, roulette wheels, and even other people's bodies with this amazing force. And it only takes five minutes practise a day.

You can make good luck to order, command perfect health, win the admiration and respect of others, amass riches ... and this is only the beginning!

The uses of Psychic Magic Powers are without end!

For years I dreamed of an easy and automatic way to make any desire materialize quickly and without fail. I spent all my time studying obscure documents of ancient magic, searching for the secret that would bring me as much happiness and success as I wanted. Then one day, after thousands - literally! - of experiments, and deep research into the magic alchemical secrets of the mind, I discovered the secret that had eluded me for so long. With mounting excitement I put this amazing discovery to the test, and was given absolute proof of the existence of the invisible World! I was able to actually see and touch it (you also, will be able to). The unseen spheres of existence seemed to shimmer into view, and take shape around me. I felt a strange sensation around me ... the secret force behind all psychic phenomena! In the days and weeks ahead all problems seemed to dissolve and all my most cherished, most deeply desired dreams came true, right before my eyes.

Since then, rather than selfishly keeping it to myself I have taught this secret to others, only to be thrilled time and again to see how it has transformed their lives for the better. You need no experience, and you need no equipment. You only need belief, and within minutes you will have the PROOF you need.

H.C. lived in a small council flat with only her canary and cat for company. Because she was elderly and poor she made the mistake of thinking there was no way she could get money. I urged her to try these psychic powers - the very next day she received $200 from a totally unexpected source! Nothing within reason is impossible with Magic Psychic Power. I will show you the secret of 'EME' - which concentrates your energies on one object/person to make it/them come to you freely! J.C., a friend of mine, used EME and received $5000 for the very item she wanted! $300 WITHIN 5 MINUTES S.M. always a loser at horse betting, tried the Secret Psychic Magic Ritual. A mere five minutes later she went to the track and bet her last dollar. The horse came home first past the post and she collected a cool $300. Her winning streak continued and in no time at all she had paid off her gambling debts! Today she lives in luxury, and no longer has to work for a living.

I will show you, in clear, plain English - without gimmicks - how Psychic Magic Power can:

* Double your income and keep it doubling!

* Break through social barriers!

* Make every dream come true!

* Bring gifts to you from others!

* Influence other people to do as you want!

I will show you how to harness the unused, psychic part of your mind to make almost all things possible!

And all for just five minutes practise a day!


Is there someone you desire who seems unattainable? How many times have you seen someone in a magazine, on TV or in movies, who's your idea of the perfect lover? Unattainable that person may be but your dream can still come true by having the next best thing; YOU CAN ATTRACT THAT PERSON'S DOUBLE INTO YOUR LIFE! This is truly staggering!

I will show you how - through the miracle of Psychic Magic - you can draw into your life a person who looks exactly like the person about whom you dream! I discovered this incredible secret only after years of research and experiment. It takes only moments to follow my book's instructions, and you will immediately begin to feel that this amazing psychic spell will work for you!


You may find it hard to believe - but you only have to try it to be convinced!

The reason that you believe in your heart of hearts that miracles can happen is that they DO! You only have to know how! I will show you five amazingly simple 'Magnetic Chants' that by themselves can flood your life with untold blessings!

These wonder-working chants release from the Unseen Universe the manifestation of your dreams!

M.K. cured her drug habit by speaking one of these powerful chants ...D.S., a commodities' dealer, suddenly made a fortune after daily repeating the Magnetic Wealth Chant ...U.B. won back her husband's love after using the Love chant! PSYCHIC MAGIC HEALTH WONDERS! With these powers you can actually cleanse illness and disease from your body! In Chapter Three you will find illustrated the seven invisible healing centres of your body which, once activated, release the hidden healing energies of the subconscious. You can receive fast relief from aches and pains, without side effects! But there is more.

You will learn:

* How certain sound waves can act as psychic healing commands!

* How your body's psychic healing centres can fill you with renewed energy and vigour!

* How you can control bodily functions!

* How magnetic psychic force can improve eyesight!

* How to become a channel through which these powers flow - and heal others!

The simple 5-minute daily psychic exercises cannot harm.

But even so I am required by law to state that they should not be used as a substitute for your usual medication.


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