How To Develop And Use Your Psychic Powers To Get Whatever You Want In Life By Karina Leigh

How To Develop And Use Your Psychic Powers To Get Whatever You Want In Life By Karina Leigh

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Everyone have psychic powers, but most people don't know how to use them. Within minutes of reading my booklet you can experience the reality of your psychic powers. And within days you could be using these powers to get the things you want in life. I GOT THE MAN I WANTED & I wanted him badly, but I knew that his steady girlfriend of three years was a serious obstacle. I used my psychic powers and within a short time he 'phoned me. As I write this we are now engaged to be married. Just how I did it you will find explained in my booklet. It is far easier than you can imagine. And, believe me, every word that I write is true. You can test it and prove it for yourself.

WITH NO QUALIFICATIONS I GOT A $600-A-WEEK JOB AT 17! I had just left school and I had no qualifications. Under normal circumstances there was simply no way I could get the job I wanted. But I used psychic powers to get what I wanted. So as a school leaver with no qualifications or working experience I got the job - at $600-a-week. These are not just my psychic powers. Everybody has these powers, but most people simply don't know how to use them. Today I teach these powers to people - and they get the same, definite results that I experience.

This is not witchcraft; nor voodoo. You are only using the natural latent powers of your mind. These powers can be used safely by Muslin and Christian alike. They are safe for everyone to use, and I will show you how. I AVOID AN INSURANCE CLAIM It was my fault - I caused the crash. I had ignored the premonitions. But thankfully, no one was hurt; but I still had a problem. I had no insurance cover: I had failed to renew my policy. So I used psychic powers so that the other party would not bring my claim against me. I never heard from him. This was surprising, to say the least, as the damage to his car was extensive. Some may criticize me for using psychic powers in this way, but let's face it: if you also knew how to use your psychic powers and you were in my shoes would you not have done the same thing? He had every right to make a claim, but 'mysteriously', it would seem, he did not do so. Wouldn't you also like to be able to use such powers? I will show you. I CURED MY MIGRAINE I suffered very bad migraines for years. Not anymore. I will show you in my booklet how you can treat any health problem through the powers of the psyche.

Believe me, it works! You only have to try!

SHE GETS THE CAR SHE WANTED My friend had just passed her driving test, but could not afford to buy a car. I demonstrated my psychic method to her so she gave it a try. Next day she 'phoned to say she had received an inheritance from an aunt she didn't even know she had! Together we chose the car she wanted. I WIN AT BINGO I play regularly and win often. My latest winning is $300. I never had to go short of cash. I can get money any time just by using psychic powers. I don't aspire to be a millionairess, but I doubt if there could be a limit to what a really ambitious person could achieve if he really tried.

I can cite endless examples of how psychic powers have helped me.

I will give you a typical one: I had to leave home at 7.00 p.m., but didn't want to do so before my father came home. There was just five minutes left and no sign of him; but it was essential that I got out on time. It took only moments to use psychic powers and at 7.00 on the very dot my father arrived!


People remark how uncanny it is that I seem always to get my way. I will show you how - for so little effort - you can psychically persuade people to agree with your wishes. Use these powers with someone who owes you money; on someone who is making life disagreeable for you. You will be surprised at the results! How about making someone fall in love with you - through your psychic powers! I've made this happen - you can do the same!

You need no special abilities to tap and exploit your psychic powers - it has nothing to do with I.Q or education.

These powers are available to all and do not involve calling up spirits.

If someone like me can use these powers so successfully then I am sure anyone can.

Why not give it a try?




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