Secret Magick Power of The Ages By Master Count de Leon

Secret Magick Power of The Ages By Master Count de Leon
 Secret Magick Power of The Ages By Master Count de LeonSecret Magick Power of The Ages By Master Count de Leon 

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Can you imagine automatically having control over every area of your life? Even influencing the lives of others? Impossible? Ridiculous? Not so, for those in possession of the Secret Magic Power of The Ages.

This mysterious power can now be at your command, a secret power you will not find in any other book!

The author, leader of an arcane lodge, writing here as the Master Count de Leon, now reveals a knowledge hitherto known only to a privileged few! A secret knowledge which has been handed down by successive generations of magickal initiates. You can now possess this same secret power! You name it and with this power you can control it! Not enough money? You can control that. In fact you will be able to kiss money worries goodbye. Someone is ignoring you? You can control that. Soon you will have them thinking about you night and day! Health problems?

You can take control and put an end to them!

You can now control the attitudes of others toward you.

You can actually also alter their behaviour!

You can make someone fall in love with you!

You can make others desire you!

You can direct a flow of cash, gifts and prizes to come your way – regularly!

You can manipulate whatever you choose. You can also receive as much psychic power as you need.

All this is possible through the Secret Magick Power of the Ages...!!!

Someone seeing a copy of this manuscript exclaimed, ‘You know, this sweeps everything else away!’ Another said, ‘I’ve practised the occult all my adult life, but never knew this! Why didn’t I think of something as obvious as this and save myself a lot of trouble?’ It is not an illusion, nor a trick of the mind. It is real enough – as are the effects! You can get as much from this as you want. You are not limited. It’s all here for you to receive and exploit. There is no summoning of spirits. No invocations. No visualization. But you do have to be serious about what you want and be pre pared to receive it. You are given authentic magick – that mysterious quality that affects and alters circum - stances, according to one’s will.

In effect, the Secret Magic Power of The Ages gives you the magickal means to create the life you want. and this power is available always for one to adapt and modify circum stances as they go along! Some may not approve, but through this magick one can also influence, guide, and even manipulate the lives of others. It is morally neutral, being neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’. How it is used is down to the reader. Unlike most magick/occult books which skirt around various aspects of life, this secret magick can be applied to anything and every thing! Whether you are holed up in a jail or the chairman of a huge company, the Secret Magick Power of The Ages can bring what money can’t buy. (Even the very rich don’t have all that they want. This changes that.)

On receiving this precious information it will quickly become apparent to you that it settles whatever in your life needs sorting out. With this formula you can pursue one objective at a time or go for a clean sweep of everything in one go. This magick works at the pace you choose. (It is our opinion that pursuing one goal at a time is easier to handle, but if you’re looking for a big sweep of everything in one go it is here.)

This Secret Magick Power is nothing less than the control of destiny. Yours and others!

Some will say that this is ‘dangerous’, but then so is electricity, gas or any other energy that one handles. You can get whatever you seek through this Power. So long as one does not behave stupidly there is absolutely no harm. No dark power is summoned; no peculiar rituals. You will be dazzled by the results! It is uncanny how your circumstances suddenly begin changing, all falling into place!

This Secret Power at long last releases your dormant psychic abilities, easily and to tremendous effect!

You will actually find it fun. And exhilarating!

This feeling of exhilaration grows as result upon result piles up! No, this is not pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking – this is real magick for those who seek it, for those who need it! One is not asked to ‘think positively’. Nor visualize. Secret lodges are guardians of knowledge kept from the general public. The particular knowledge here is exclusive to this particular publication: the only other way to obtain it is to join a secret lodge, which is next to impossible! De Leon explains in detail the endless uses of this secret knowledge. Examples. a woman seeks a husband: but how does she get the type of man she wants? Does she want someone dependable and stable? Or someone colourful and passionate? Or a rich man? Or whatever. This magick focusses her need for the result she wants. A young man seeks a lover: someone his own age? An older woman? This magick targets his need, compelling the result he seeks. Marriage difficulties respond to magick.

Relationships can be healed, supported, or broken, according to the use of this irresistible magick. If one seeks a secret love affair that, too, is possible: the possible applications of this magick are without end. Other people can be influenced or dealt with, according to the need. Bosses, neigh bours, relatives. Anybody! De Leon explains how to get results in every area of ‘people magick’, often immediately. You can kiss money worries goodbye.

Members of de Leon’s lodge regularly win amounts varying between £5000 and £25000 (in dollars that equates to about $9000/ $45000); in addition to money flowing from other sources. Obstacles can be eliminated. If you have some financial entitlement that is being blocked by bureaucracy it can be unblocked. If someone is being awkward or presenting an obstacle, their attitude can be modified – otherwise they can be removed from the equation. This is magick you need if faced with a difficult legal situation. If your partner is seeing someone else it can be stopped. Alternatively, if you are having an affair which you want kept secret it can be so.

This magick is morally neutral.

How it is applied is the business of the user. You can be rid of a difficult person. Those seeking the company of the opposite sex can find exactly what they want, whether it is simply company, flirtation, or serious commitment. For once you can attract the type of person you want – rather than being lumbered with what’s available! Homosexual attraction can definitely be targetted! The only limitations are in one’s imagination!

Whatever the need, it can at last be fulfilled. The Secret Magick Power of The Ages unlocks all doors. If one’s life is stuck in a rut it can be galvanised.

This magick can bring as much excitement, new friends and opportunities as you can handle. But it is not child’s play. You set in motion irresistible forces. The safeguard is that once they are working and the results you get are not as you thought they would be – you may be disappointed in the person you attracted or you may regret the mischief you have inflicted on someone with this magick – you can alter or reverse circumstances.

Your fate can constantly be modified or altered.

This potent formula gives you that power.

‘Secret Magick Power of The Ages’ – it’s not cheap, but then you didn’t expect it to be.

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