Summary of Memetic Magic by R. Kirk Packwood

Summary of Memetic Magic by R. Kirk Packwood
 Summary of Memetic Magic by R. Kirk PackwoodSummary of Memetic Magic by R. Kirk Packwood 

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A concise and professionally-researched summary of R. Kirk Packwood's book: "Memetic Magic".

From Alden Marshall’s Condensed Esoterica series, this complete summary provides a fast and straightforward way to understand and study the main ideas and concepts of the original source text. About the Original Book: Memetic Magic by R. Kirk Packwood describes a new and very modern magical system.

Memetic magic is a type of magic that employs the use of memes, taking advantage of the fact that we, humans, are social creatures which live in societies and cultures. Because these societies and cultures become embedded in us, they are able to have power over us, to influence and shape us.

Memetic magic strives to break through in this social and cultural power, reversing the way things are: societies don’t control us, instead we control ourselves and influence them.




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