The Black Bishops of Constantinople by Carl Nagel

The Black Bishops of Constantinople by Carl Nagel
The Black Bishops of Constantinople by Carl NagelThe Black Bishops of Constantinople by Carl NagelThe Black Bishops of Constantinople by Carl Nagel

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Carl Nagel


The Blood of a Virgin! The Night of a Full Moon! The Devil in Control of the Mind and the Body...

This was the malediction under which the Magicians of the Middle Ages were forced to work their Spells and Rituals. A malediction of unnecessary ingredients that were included in the old magical texts to confuse the layman, whilst keeping the true secrets of Occult power accessible to only the chosen few.

This book is the result of years of research into those very same magical texts, careful and painstaking removal of the deliberately confusing parts, blind alleys and red-herrings.

Here at last are the conjurations, invocations, enchantments, Secret Names, and Words of Power that you can use to command Ancient Spirits and Powerful Gods to bring you all the things you want!

  • The Invocation of the Sun... Used to draw riches and jewels to you from out of nowhere!
  • The Conjuration of Usiel... Used to bring gifts from others to you!
  • The Invocation of the Spirits of Jupiter!... Used to reap the rewards of life instantly!
  • The Conjuration of Fire... Used to discover treasures long lost to mankind!

. . . and many, many more!

These are the actual Spells and Rituals used by the magicians of long ago to bring gold out of thin air . . . discover secret knowledge . . . crush their enemies, and enjoy a lifetime contentment and luxury.

These secrets are finally laid bare, in this easy-to-follow book - the power of the ancients are now yours for the taking!




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