The Black Gates by Andrew Maclachlan

The Black Gates by Andrew Maclachlan
 The Black Gates by Andrew MaclachlanThe Black Gates by Andrew Maclachlan 

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Keys to the Demons of Darkness

Andrew Maclachlan

Life-long Black Occult practitioner Andrew Maclachlan makes his writing debut in this truly ASTONISHING work of powerful Black Magick.

Drawing from his decades of experience in the Dark Arts, Maclachlan has produced a COMPLETE SYSTEM of effective Demonic Magick, tied together via a series of BLACK GATES - essential occult portals of instruction and information which allow safe access to the Spirits of Darkness.

Carefully written, THE BLACK GATES is a truly accessible workbook for both beginners to the Occult Arts, and those who have been working with Demonic forces previously.

You are taken, step-by-step, through the Demons of the Infernal Trinity, to the Demonic Names & Powers, the ins and outs of Blood Initiation and Initiating (or forming your own) Black Magick Coven.

More importantly, this is a PRACTICAL work-book of Black Magick - within these packed pages, you will find a HUGE variety of Black Rituals - each carefully prepared and checked for ease of use - including:


- Djinn summoning ritual with conjurations for Money, Sex & Power
- Utilising the powers of the Demons of Money for personal gain
- Working with the Demon CLAUNECK for financial reward
- The Golden Riches of LUCIFUGE ROFOCALE
- The Rite of AMANIEL to satisfy carnal desires
- Forming a Sex Magick coven
- The Master Ritual of Sex Magick
- The CASSIMOLAR conjuration to repel all enemies
- The Invocation of ANDRAS for Violent Revenge
- The ultimate Black Spell to Punish an Enemy
- Creating a Goetian Demon Workshop
- A FULL compliment of Goetic Spells and Rituals, complete with all of the required

- and Much, MUCH more, besides!

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