The Geataichean by Andrew MacLachlan

The Geataichean by Andrew MacLachlan
The Geataichean by Andrew MacLachlanThe Geataichean by Andrew MacLachlanThe Geataichean by Andrew MacLachlan
The Geataichean by Andrew MacLachlanThe Geataichean by Andrew MacLachlan

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Andrew MacLachlan


The darker occult powers of the Zodiac have been an influence in the lives of humanity for thousands of years.

Finally, retuning here with his third book of ancient magick in the MURGOT series, Master occultist Andrew MacLachlan is back to bring to life the hidden meaning of the Black Zodiack and the spirits that are bound to it. 

For the first time in print we are given the Names and Seals of the forgotten Egyptian Goetia and the Black Zodiack.  The seals of the spirits, with full descriptions of each one, are loving rendered,  along with the Master Invocation Ritual of the GEATAICHEAN itself; a POWERFUL magick system of spirit evocation founded by the author himself. 

The history of the constellations from their beginnings in ancient times to the present with the revelation of the exact time and date for the end of Christ's rule upon the world as depicted in the zodiacal wheel and the bible. 

We are taken on an amazing Occult journey through time, to the present day, where modern science is relating to the ancient knowledge of the ancient Egyptians.

Within the pages of this truly remarkable Tomb of Power, you will learn:

  • The Real Death Curse of the Mummy's Tomb 
  • The Secrets of the Black Zodiack 
  • The Devastating Powers of Resonance and Concentrated Vibration 
  • The Truth of the Dendera Zodiacal Wheel 
  • The Atlantis Ring and it's Unbreakable Powers of Protection 
  • The Muses of Hesiod and the Power of the Greek Pantheon 
  • The Names and Seals of the Spirits of the Black Zodiack that appeared before King Solomon 
  • The Hidden Symbols of Ancient Magick that are still used today 
  • The origins of the Brotherhood of the Snake 
  • The Invocation Ritual of Wadjet 
  • The Invocation Ritual of Isis 
  • The Invocation Ritual of Osiris 
  • The Invocation Ritual of Horus 
  • The Healing Power of Cymatics and the Vibrations of Life 
  • Sacred Geometry and the building blocks of life 
  • The Law of the Elements 
  • The Book of Enoch and the Book of Thoth 
  • The Master GEATAICHEAN Ritual of Spirit Evocation 
  • The Egyptian Goetia and the Seals of the thirty-six Spirits of the Black Zodiack



    Never before have these lost secrets of the Black Zodiack and the Egyptian Goetia been been put into print in such detail, and where the influence of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, along with their Magick, are brought into the modern world with such clarity.  

    The symbols and signs of the ancient world, all around us, are finally presented for those with the eyes to see where others see not, and the ears to hear the voices of the ancient Gods calling across the eternal oceans of black sand.

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