The Finbarr Grimoire of Magick Powers By J. Finbarr

The Finbarr Grimoire of Magick Powers By J. Finbarr

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A grimoire for the modern reader.

ALL CLAIMS HERE ARE BY USERS OF THESE MAGICK POWERS, not by author or publisher. This is a book with a difference. A genuine grimoire a book of magickal instruction – based entirely on the testimonials and reports of readers.

Much of the information in this grimoire is at present AVAILABLE NOWHERE ELSE. Each chapter title is from a reader’s letter quote. So Chapter 25 is entitled: ‘I have now gotten myself out of debt’ … which is exactly what the reader wrote. Not only that, he adds: ‘People have stopped treating me like a doormat. I now have more confidence and I have gotten rid of someone who was nothing but a parasite and nuisance to me. Even my violent brother has calmed down.’ Chapter 13 is entitled: ‘My daughter returned on the ninth day’, because that is exactly what he wrote. She returned nine days after he performed the magick rite. The rite in question is explained in detail. This grimoire is at present the only source for this rite.

A grimoire is a work of magickal instruction specifically for solving problems and making wishes come true, so magicians have traditionally believed. This grimoire should be treated with respect, as indeed any genuine magickal work should be. ‘Magick’ in this instance is any psychological or supposed supernatural device which possesses the presumed power to change or alter circumstances. Each chapter contains a complete instruction for a specific purpose, according to the results obtained by readers. Magick is usually associated with ceremonial ritual. But this grimoire is not so predictable.

In one chapter, for example, entitled: ‘Before I was earning £4000, now I earn £14000’ all that was required was a certain attitude. No ritual. Yet this attitude, or ‘formula’, seems unique to this grimoire. The man who wrote this letter didn’t stop there. He also used a chant – which, too, can now only be found in this grimoire – which, to quote him exactly: ‘I got an unsecured loan from my bank after repeatedly chanting … Two weeks earlier they refused me a £1000 loan!’ Another man claimed he went from being just another worker in his firm to a star employee. ‘Everybody has changed towards me’, he wrote. ‘Even my boss, who was a hard man, I don’t seem to do a thing wrong in his eyes.’ This change also made him rich. ‘This happened after using the book’, he said. The ritual in question is simple and Finbarr is absolutely and unequivocally the only source for it. ‘Magick powers’ are an absolute reality in the practitioner’s mind. Critics will say that there is ‘no proof for such things’. We prefer to think that readers and the public at large can make their own judgments. We are concerned only with the opinions of those who have written to us, whose opinions are in this grimoire.

These people believe that magick produces results. The ‘magick powers’ in this grimoire are simple to apply. We don’t have to say that they work; our readers have already told us so, or at least those who have chosen to tell us. Another chapter is entitled: ‘(Man) scooped £100,000 on betting shop lottery-style game’, which in this instance is a headline of a newspaper clipping the man in question sent us, reproduced in this grimoire. Try telling him that ‘magick powers’ had nothing to do with his win. Another chapter: ‘Am never short of money. It just comes in.’ Why would someone bother to write in and say this if it wasn’t true? What’s the point? But that’s not all he wrote. He reels off a litany of successes, which he attributes to these powers. Chapter 8: ‘I tried a love ritual on a man and the next time I saw him he showed an overwhelming interest in me.’ This lady added that since then she uses these powers ‘only when necessary and takes them very seriously’. Another man wrote about the same ritual, ‘Saturday night I did not spend alone! This book has blown away my scepticism!’ The ritual in question also has a same-sex use. ‘My friend did the soul mate mantra and found him 3 weeks later.’ She married him soon after. This was not so much a ritual as a word consisting of only two letters. The word itself is easy; the ‘trick’ is in the preparation.

The ‘magick powers’ in the Finbarr grimoire are from all places and sources. Most are remarkably easy to apply. There is no ‘heavy ritual’ here. Nor are these powers ‘evil’. But they can be used to deal with evil and obnoxious people. One lady describes how, after using the Enemy-Dissolving Spell, ‘a horrible person received their just deserts’. A crippled lady wrote, ‘I had been through 7 years of hell with the woman next door who delighted in tormenting me. Then I used your book and she has gone.’ Yet another wrote after working a ritual: ‘It got rid of an evil neighbour who lived on the 2nd floor. She moved!’ ‘My mother was seeing a young man I hated and I didn’t trust’, also wrote this troubled daughter. ‘I knew he was just using her. I tried to tell her that this man was no god, but I failed time and time again.’ She thought the situation hopeless until she tried the magick rite. ‘About 3 weeks later, this man called to tell my mother he couldn’t see her anymore and that he was moving.’ ‘I can’t tell you how happy I am at last. I was a battered wife …’ This heart-warming letter can be found on page 50 of the grimoire. She describes how she was trapped in 19 years of bad marriage, and then goes on to say that, ‘since purchasing your book my life has changed completely.’ She says, ‘I found a new home for myself, separated from my cruel husband and my children and I are content for the first time in our lives.’ And to top it all, ‘I’ve met a lovely man who has changed my life entirely.’ Try telling this lady that these magick powers are ‘evil’ … ‘Something that truly works.’ is what a man wrote. ‘I slowly chanted … less than two weeks later the mole started to dry and fall off. Another mole I had for 23 years disappeared.’ Advertising regulators are keen to stress that such a testimonial does not constitute ‘proof’ (try and work out the logic), and we wonder what this man would make of that. Chapter 4: ‘My husband got a job after being out of work 7 years.’ … she also claims these powers sorted out her own unemployment problem in a jiffy. Another man wrote that he only turned to these magick powers ‘in desperation … after trying lots of other things including Feng Shui … Nine days after doing the bringme- money spell I was offered the job of my dreams … Also my struggling student daughter was offered a large sum of money the same week. Wow! Powerful stuff.’ Are there really such things as ‘supernatural forces’; is there life after death – can we live independently of our physical body?

In this grimoire you will read of what happened to a woman when thugs broke into her home. ‘I was hugged and protected by glowing hands’, she wrote. Police quickly arrived and the culprits arrested. In a chapter entitled: ‘My spirit (arose) out of my body … until I was gliding above my neighbourhood … The most unique experience of my life.’ Other amazing experiences are recounted along with the exact instructions these persons followed. There is one word that supposedly brings ‘immediate supernatural help’ – but only when in desperate need of help – for money needs; and another for needs of the heart. This grimoire is the only source for these words. We will quote some of the other chapter titles: ‘I performed the ritual … 4 days later I received a letter saying, ‘I’ve won £20,000.’ ‘I walked out of court winning my case.’ ‘Broke up with my boyfriend … after following your instructions we’re back together … married 4 years and we have two lovely children … I am so happy.’ ‘I have lost 35 pounds in excess weight.’ ‘Saved my marriage.’ ‘(We’re) now actually living in peace. Am so happy I cried.’ ‘After ten years we had a baby boy!’ ‘November 21 I began the ritual. December 4 the unruly neighbour moved.’ ‘Results … were spectacular.’ ‘I asked for £25,000 … in six months my income will be at least £20,000 monthly.’ ‘She received a terrific healing.’ ‘Since using it money seems to be more plentiful.’

The Finbarr grimoire has something for everyone. To CLEAR DEBTS see Chapters 4 and 25. SLOT MACHINES AND BINGO, Chapter 3. GAMBLING LUCK in general is discussed in Chapters 19, 23 and 25. For acquiring a specific material possession (e.g. a car, equipment, property, etc.), Chapter 2. FINDING SOMEONE TO LOVE, MARRIAGE, Chapters 3 and 17. Returning a curse, defeating an enemy: in Chapters 17 and 19. GETTING BACK WITH AN EX. Chapter 12. Rekindling romance, Chapter 7. Peace and harmony in the home, Chapter 12. TO BE RID OF TOOTHACHE, Chapter 20. To pay an outstanding bill, Chapter 6. DEALING WITH DEPRESSION, Chapter 19. To get pregnant, Chapter 18. TO BREAK UP TWO PEOPLE, Chapter 11. Safety from attack, Chapter 3. TO SAVE A FAILING MARRIAGE/RELATIONSHIP, Chapter 10. Avoiding obstacles, mishaps, accidents, Chapter 19. Making yourself irresistible to another, Chapter 8. … and so much more! The publisher’s word.

Whatever you are in life, beggar or prince, you are ultimately as good as one thing: your word. By this I live. All comments quoted in this advertisement are authentic. They have not been solicited and no one has been paid. Each person has written of their own volition, unprompted, and unknown to me personally (and unknown to my staff).

Not your ‘average book’

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Much of the information in this grimoire is at present AVAILABLE NOWHERE ELSE, and will likely never see the light of day again.




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