The Goldmine On Your Shoulders By Marcus T. Bottomley

The Goldmine On Your Shoulders By Marcus T. Bottomley
 The Goldmine On Your Shoulders By Marcus T. BottomleyThe Goldmine On Your Shoulders By Marcus T. Bottomley 

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How To Tap The Unused 90% Of Your Mind

You have “on your shoulders” something of incalculable value and power. More complex and powerful than the most advanced man-man computer, the fabulous wealth in your head is capable of achieving anything you want of it.


It is a scientific fact that the average person uses less than 10% of his/her total mind power potential. THIS BOOK SHOWS HOW TO TAP THE UNUSED 90% OF YOUR MIND TO MAKE YOU AN IRRESISTIBLE MAGNET TO ALL THE GOOD THINGS THAT YOU DESIRE IN LIFE.


You have at your command, right now, a power that can literally flood your life with riches, solve problems, pay debts, bring romance, win respect of people, and many other things. To make this power work you only have to learn basic mental techniques, which, once mastered, can make you unstoppable in achieving all your cherished dreams.


The author of this book is one of the world’s foremost authorities on mind power…what he teaches is BASED ON WHAT IS POSSIBLE AND ATTAINABLE. He is an expert, not an amateur “dabbler”. His teachings are, in our view, absolutely essential to everyone interested in this subject. This is not a book of rituals, but a simple basic instruction manual of how to unlock “the goldmine on your shoulders”.


It contains advice that is (1) PRACTICAL, (2) UNDERSTANDABLE, and very importantly, (3) WORKABLE.


Even if you have never read such a book before you will learn how, with only a modicum of effort, you CAN MAKE YOUR MIND MAGNETIZE WHEREVER THING OR PERSON YOU DESIRE…be it a new suite of furniture or the man/woman of your dreams.


Do not scoff at such statements – you only have to try the techniques in this book to obtain proof. Mind power WORKS – regardless of whatever the scoffer may think. The author relates a disturbing case of how a man seriously injured another person simply by using mind power alone.


It is an extremely potent force, and when used constructively, can accomplish even the most improbable things. Remember, YOUR MIND IS MORE POWERFUL THAN ANY COMPUTER… it is not a toy!


Wisely employed in the manner described in this book, IT WILL MAKE WHAT YOU WANT TAKE PLACE.


Persons who do believe in the great potential powers of the mind but who have been unable to make it work for them should definitely read this book. For, whilst hundreds of books are available on the subject containing useful advice, THIS BOOK OUTLINES THE REAL TECHNIQUES FOR ACHIEVING RESULTS.


You will read unusual, practical directions which will make perfect sense to you…AND GIVE YOU THE IMPETUS TO REMOVE THE LIMITATIONS WHICH HINDER YOU NOW, AND START HELPING YOU TO GET REAL RESULTS.


Once set in motion these strong techniques can give you CONTROL OF OTHER PEOPLE’S ACTIONS…SOLVE FINANCIAL DIFFICULTIES…INCREASE YOUR INCOME. The possibilities for self-advancement are in fact limitless which a few moments thought will confirm.


Why continue struggling with only 10% of your mind potential that you now use? With these techniques you can harness the unused 90% which can GIVE YOU A MYSTERIOUS HOLD OVER ALL YOUR PRESENT CIRCUMSTANCES.


The book gives case histories of how persons, after using the techniques, “mysteriously received” money to settle large debts, obtained wage increases from mean employers, received luxury goods in a most unexpected way.


Use the techniques for a romantic purpose, and the person you seek to woo – no matter how aloof he/she may previously have been – will find him / herself uncontrollably drawn towards you.


Unfortunately some people may wish to use this book’s instructions for evil purposes. To avoid this, the only alternative is not to sell this book at all, thereby denying many people the opportunity of a better life. The good will outweigh the bad.

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