The Guardian Angels of The Ancients By Audra

The Guardian Angels of The Ancients By Audra

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Author Audra writes: ‘I have an intimate bond with them, and I feel them guiding and protecting me continuously.’ ‘When my time on this earth is up’, she adds, ‘I cherish the moment I can be at their side.’ The Primeval Lords are man’s original spiritual sources – much older than Christianity or any other of today’s religions.

In times of yore folk turned to them for guidance, reassurance and protection. These are not remote beings, lost in the mists of time. Modern man may have forgotten them but they have never gone away. They remain all around and eternal. ‘They are before time itself’, Audra says. To make contact involves the simplest of rituals. The key to contact is the ‘Contact Object’, which may be something as basic as a glass of water or a leaf from a tree, according to the nature of your particular need.

The magick involved is as simple as it gets, but is no less important or powerful for that. There is very little visualization and the invocations are brief and stirring. There are no phases of the moon to observe. These beings are available to help at any time. Most times one will feel their loving presence straight away. They are loving protective beings and are the original true mighty ‘Guardian Angels’.

In her book Audra tells you exactly what you must do to receive their immediate help for: financial matters … matters of the heart … attracting someone into your life or making them go away … passing tests and exams … and so much more!

If you need a proposal of marriage or are desperate for a baby they will answer. Audra emphatically states: ‘These beings, when called, will bring whatever you desire … and are ever present around you as you go about your daily affairs.’ There is no need or desire that these mighty beings cannot fulfil. Whatever your need or problem you can take it to them and expect a result with total confidence! Absolutely no harm can befall you when you call on these powers: on the contrary, your protection at all levels increases. They are there to protect, comfort, guide, nourish, and fulfil your needs.

They have been called by many names: Great Ones … Ancient Ones … Old Ones … and so on. But this is the only book that explains the use of the ‘Contact Object’ which ensures that communication with them happens.

So if you have failed before, you will not now...!!!

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