A Bible and A Piece of String by Audra

A Bible and A Piece of String by Audra

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A Bible and a Piece of String is All It Takes to Work Real Magick’!



If you already own a Bible that’s fine, but if you don’t it doesn’t matter, for in Audra’s book the exact Biblical verses you need are supplied. As for the piece of string, or cord, cotton or wool – that everyone can lay their hands on.

All you need to do is to tie a knot as you recite the appropriate Biblical verses.

Most Christians would be appalled at the suggestion that the Bible is a ‘work of magick’. That is because they only half understand it. The Bible is to be understood in two ways: the ‘official’ way as it is written, and the hidden way concealed from the public.

This is real power and you can tap into it with decisive results. And it is safe and simple.

In this book is the precise Bible-cord magick for:

* Getting justice
* Repelling a bully
* Binding another person to you
* Healing a sick person
* Gaining the love of another
* Becoming prosperous
* Acquiring personal charisma
* Becoming fertile
* Protection from harm

…...and more! All found in ‘A BIBLE & A PIECE OF STRING’ by Audra.

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