The Help I Received When I Most Needed it by Jack Hempstead

The Help I Received When I Most Needed it  by Jack Hempstead
 The Help I Received When I Most Needed it  by Jack HempsteadThe Help I Received When I Most Needed it  by Jack Hempstead 

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by Jack Hempstead


I discovered this many years ago. I was desperate to gain the friendship of a young lady who barely knew of my existence. I was fixated with her, but knew I hadn't a chance.

I felt so frustrated. It was then I received the help I most needed.

For want of a better word, it was a 'formula'. I felt foolish trying it, but I had nothing to lose. It was not costing me anything to try and took hardly any time at all.

Truth, indeed, is stranger than fiction. Quicker than I could have imagined, this young lady became my girlfriend and I just couldn't believe it all happened so fast. And all against the odds.

But then I mislaid the formula. It was some years before I found it again, when I stumbled on a story of a man who seemed to use the same thing.

He needed a great deal of money within a week. If he didn't get it he would be in trouble.

The money was there in five days; the help he received when he most needed it.

Another man was beside himself with worry. He had lost his job, which supposedly was rock secure. He was in arrears with his mortgage payments and the debts were piling up. The stress of it all was also placing an intolerable strain on his marriage.

It was at this point he received the help he most needed.  An opportunity presented itself completely out of the blue.  It didn't solve his problems, but it gave him hope; and at last he could sleep at nights.

Within two months, he was making more money than he could have ever made in his old job; he was steadily paying off his debts, and his marriage was saved.

S.H. was distraught. The man in her life for the last five years was seeing another woman, almost young enough to be his daughter.  She braced herself for the worst.

I explained this 'formula' to her. "But this seems like something out of a far fetched-novel!" she exclaimed. "But what have you to lose?" I asked. "It will take hardly any time to do, and for the moment life will just go on as normal. I promise you, you may be astonished at the result."

She was. Ten days had passed when he told her that he had called the affair off.  She got help when she most needed it.

Truth can indeed be stranger than fiction. I have seen and heard things which most people would not have believed if they had read it in a book.

You can now experience the 'unbelievable' for yourself.

I spent years searching after I had mislaid the formula; for I could not find it in any book.  I was so keen to recover it for I could never forget the first time when it gave me help when most needed.

Today it is an inseparable part of my life.

It can take a few minutes of your time. Once a week - if that.

A woman, up to her neck in debt, about to be declared bankrupt and about to lose everything she owned.  She received the 'miraculous' help she most desperately needed.  She has since never looked back. Out of debt and now thriving.

The formula - if that is what it can be called - is based on the subconscious mind and something called 'Cosmic Mind'.  But, apart from one place, I had never read or heard about this particular formula before. Sure, there are enough books about the subconscious and 'universal' minds, but not about this.

I doubt very much if you will have come across anything like it in any book. My own publication explores it in detail.

I have quite a bit to explain - not because it is complicated (it couldn't be easier), but because you need me to tell you why truth indeed can be stranger than fiction.

We are always told of the wondrous powers of mind, but rarely do these powers seem to work in everyday life.

Today when I need important information - information which can make me money - I receive it. The information is brought to me.  It doesn't seem believable, it doesn't seem possible; but it is now a regular part of my life.

This could be the answer to your prayers: except that you don't need to pray.

This formula contains the most wonderful experience.

You don't have to meditate.

It is so easy, a child can do it. Indeed, children take to it like ducks to water!

Whilst I found it to be what I can most implicitly trust and rely upon in times of need, it is not necessary to be 'desperate' in order to benefit.  Whatever you need in life can be brought to you.

Think about it: brought to you.

There was a time when I wouldn't dare utter a word about it to another person, lest I be considered completely mad.

I no longer care. When people enquire about my good fortune - one who, not so long ago, lived in a single room, sharing cooking and bathing facilities with others - and how I acquired my two fine houses, not to mention the Mercedes-Benz, I come straight out with it and tell them!

Of course I don't give them detail, for I belong to the Ancient Order of Mystics and don't waste my breath on ignorant fools, so I leave them guessing.  But this publication is only offered to those with open minds and the readiness to experience what is beyond reach of the majority.

Can I put it this way? This publication is a kind of 'Aladdin's lamp'. Use it and you will not look back. Use it and you will see your problems disappear one by one.
And the good things you want from life will be brought to you.

Within its pages is a secret as old as humankind itself. This secret leads to initiation.  You can become one of the Ancient Order of Mystics.  But there is no organisation to join.

True initiation can only be experienced by the individual alone.

You will not look back.

In this world, work alone is not enough for success. Hope alone is not enough.  Don't struggle to go after something when it can be brought to you.

Buy this publication if you want AN END TO DAY-BY-DAY STRUGGLE.
Buy it if you want to MAKE OTHERS DO YOUR BIDDING.
Buy it if you wish to be FREE OF UNWANTED PEOPLE.




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