The Perfect Prayer By Ryan O’Shaughnessy

The Perfect Prayer By Ryan O’Shaughnessy
 The Perfect Prayer By Ryan O’ShaughnessyThe Perfect Prayer By Ryan O’Shaughnessy 

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Author Ryan O’Shaughnessy writes –– This prayer heals. It renews It washes away all regret. It turned my life around. Reciting it every day has brought me immeasurable inner peace and contentment.

Not only that, it has sustained me through every difficulty. I fear nothing. It protects me from anxiety and apprehension. I lack for nothing financially. I recite the Prayer – the money is always available. This Prayer has brought me comfort, reassurance and abundance. I lack for nothing.

To others it seems I lead a ‘charmed life’. But my only ‘secret’ is my unshakeable belief in the Perfect Prayer. Even before I received this Prayer I believed in the power of supplication. I prayed the ‘Lord’s Prayer’ and others. I feel prayer is good for the soul. The Perfect Prayer, however, changed everything! It took me to another level, and I have never looked back. It is called the ‘Perfect Prayer’ because it covers everything.

Most people need nothing more than to be left alone and to enjoy life and be free of financial worries. Most people just want to live a life free of turmoil and uncertainty. The Perfect Prayer covers all this. The Perfect Prayer dissolves sickness, disease. Repeated daily the patient can make a complete recovery. Nothing is too great or formidable for this prayer. It answers everything. It brings harmony between people.

If you are at odds with someone this Prayer will heal the rift. It brings people together. It brings love. Through the power of prayer I have brought people out of comas. Unconscious for months, doctors were pessimistic.

But through prayer – and only through it – they not only recovered but went on to live normal lives.

There are no limits to what is possible through the Perfect Prayer. The Perfect Prayer sets everything right. If your life is in turmoil and you don’t know which way to turn, after reciting the Perfect Prayer you will receive immediate help. You will find peace, and circumstances will begin to turn in your favour. The Perfect Prayer softens the hard hearts of others.

Whatever in the world you seek, turn to the Perfect Prayer. Whoever recites the Perfect Prayer every day will never want for anything again. When I see most people pray I despair. No wonder their prayers seem to fall on deaf ears!

The Perfect Prayer can be said by anyone of any religious persuasion. Pagan, Buddhist, Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu. The Perfect Prayer transcends all religious bias and boundaries. It appeals to the highest in what you believe. And it works. Over and over again.

It doesn’t matter how many times you have been disappointed. The Perfect Prayer is what you need: it changes everything.

A man came to me saying, ‘What I want no prayer can cover. My need is unique and I feel foolish to even ask for it to be fulfilled.’ I said, ‘It doesn’t matter, go on and recite the Perfect Prayer anyway, for the Power always responds.’ And so it did. A month later he exclaimed, ‘I just can’t believe my luck! This is wonderful!’ ‘It’s not luck,’ I replied. ‘The Prayer can be recited for anything. It has no limitations. You followed my instructions, you had faith – and the Power did the rest.’

After a disastrous marriage and a messy divorce I was disillusioned with anything to do with love. Yet – thanks to the Prayer – within three months I found the woman of my dreams, a woman I previously wouldn’t have dared think existed.

My business had been failing – I faced ruin – but I trusted in the Prayer. Not only did it increase my sales, I also received a huge lump sum of money which I didn’t have to pay back! This was some years ago and I have never lacked for anything financial since. Nor has anyone to whom I’ve explained this Prayer.

My life has indeed become a ‘living prayer’, for when one is accustomed to continuously answered prayer the act of prayer becomes second nature; and one lives in a state of constant joyful anticipation. Whilst for most folk life is a struggle, those in the Perfect Prayer experience peace of mind and the certainty of success.

For the results keep coming. It isn’t a ‘one-off ’ process – one’s wishes are fulfilled time and time again. Success is continuous, for the Great Universal Power never ‘runs out’. The Cosmic supply is as inexhaustible as nature itself.

It saddens me to see so many struggle unnecessarily. And so many pray in vain.

My book is about the Power behind prayer. Its central theme is the Perfect Prayer – which holds the key to all...

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