The Power To Get What You Want By Magus Maximus

The Power To Get What You Want By Magus Maximus
 The Power To Get What You Want By Magus MaximusThe Power To Get What You Want By Magus Maximus 

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Experience the wondrous power of the: MAGUS MAXIMUS The Power To Get What You Want

At last – something that can lead you inexorably to success, transmuting bad health into good, disappointment into triumph! Here is something so reassuring, so comforting … and you will never be the same again!


The experience of the Magus Maximus is available to all – in an instant!

This book is the personal testimonial of a man who calls himself ‘Magus Maximus’ in honour of the experience – WHO DAILY GETS RESULTS FROM IT! ‘It is highly personal … and I had to wait years before writing of it; but I feel those who seek should find.’

HERE IS THE MIRACULOUS FORCE 0F THE COSMIC – so often written about, but rarely understood … and even less experienced! With this exciting book all this changes. WITH THIS BOOK YOU CAN EXPERIENCE THIS WONDROUS POWER. IMMEDIATELY! EVERY DAY! You need no knowledge of anything mystic – YOU NEED ONLY TO ACCEPT WHAT IS WRITTEN IN THIS REMARKABLE BOOK, a book based on actual experience and events!

We live in an uncertain world. Uncertainty about the present, uncertainty about the future. Disappointment and bad news seem always present. THIS BOOK AND ITS MIRACULOUS REVELATION CHANGES ALL THAT. No matter what goes on about you, you are going to feel safe and guarded … AND YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU WANT, and not what is forced on you. YOU CAN EXPERIENCE A PROTECTING PRESENCE. YOU CAN EXPERIENCE A LOVING, GUIDING HAND IN YOUR LIFE. YOU CAN EXPERIENCE THE THRILLING POWER OF GETTING WHAT YOU WISH FOR … again and again! Continual disappointment can be put behind you, regrets banished! Is this fiction? Fortunately you can find the truth out in a flash, for once this book is in your possession the reality will become apparent. You will never need to look back!

IT IS BASED ON TRIED AND TESTED EXPERIENCE AND HARD EVIDENCE. It cannot fail you! It is there every moment and day of your life! This book makes everything clear and easy to follow. Not pie-in-the-sky New Age wishful thinking, but PRACTICAL HERE-AND-NOW EXPERIENCE AND RESULTS! ‘Lack of faith’ and ‘lack of belief’ need no longer be obstacles. On the contrary you will receive these qualities in abundance! Everything good that you seek you will receive in abundance! Such is the Power of the Magus Maximus. The Power To Get What You Want. This is not for daydreamers, but for those who dare for change, who dare to want what previously was thought impossible. THIS BOOK REMOVES ALL DOUBT This is not witchcraft.

It draws upon the holy power of the reader’s spiritual need – whatever he or she seeks it can materialize. You will be able to actually feel a wondrous Power in your life, at your side – guiding you every step of the way. Can you imagine what it is like to actually feel REALLY PROTECTED AND GUIDED? To actually know it? No rituals are required. No laborious visualization. ACCESSING THIS POWER IS EASY AND IMMEDIATE. NO BOOK HAS MADE IT PLAINER OR MORE SIMPLE. Written not by a daydreamer or a ‘mystic’ full of words but no substance, but by a hard-boiled businessman who hesitated years before writing it. It is so extraordinary that he thought he would never be believed.

Yet it is not new. What he found, after much trial and error, was something that was already there but that he was unable to tap. He read about it but could not actually experience what was written. But then all that changed. Over many years he witnessed this Power at work, not only in his own life but also in the lives of those with whom he shared it. This Power has been available only to the few who have benefited greatly from it. Now because of the author’s direct, easy-to-follow, approach ANYONE can access it.

You can read a thousand articles and a thousand books about the spiritual and still not feel helped. This changes here. There is no ‘mystery’ – only a Power, a Power that you can experience in an instant. Just because you may not have got results previously does not render those books worthless. And just because sceptics say they’re ‘nonsense’ doesn’t make them right.


THIS BOOK IS YOUR DOOR-OPENER TO AN ABUNDANCE OF ALL GOOD – LOVE, FINANCIAL, HEALTH! An end to bad luck. If you think you are ‘under a curse’ follow this book AND IT WILL BE LIFTED – IN A FLASH. No, this is not fiction: you will experience the REALITY the moment you begin following this book. THE AUTHOR WRITES IN A WAY ANYONE CAN FOLLOW. And there are no complicated instructions to follow. Such ‘instructions’ as there are are simplicity itself! No tedious preparations or rituals! For decades the author monitored this Power in his own life and in that of others.

For example: A young woman was desperately anxious about her performance in college and she feared her parents’ disapproval. Her memory was shot, and failure in exams seemed certain. The author explained the Magus Maximus to her: all changed! Passing her exams, her selfconfidence soared and thereafter she went onward and upward! (Chapter 18) This Power can be experienced day in, day out. It is like turning on a tap or switching on a light. The Flow is there, the Power is available – immediately. A young woman was stuck with a chronic sore throat which antibiotics could not shift. On top of that her mother was giving her a hard time (Chapter 16). She approached the author with this insoluble problem. She followed his advice. Her mysterious symptoms vanished; and relations with her mother improved too! Illness and disease cannot flourish in the presence of this Power. If doctors cannot help, then turn to It. What is there to lose?

A young man with a badly ulcerated arm. All medical treatment failed. He feared the worst (amputation). He then tried this Power. Fourteen days later he was completely healed (Chapter 14). These true cases are only a fraction of the wonders reported.

In Chapter 14 he explains how money flows via this Power. He tells of a man with the so-called ‘Midas touch’, who prospers without end, including his latest euro lottery win of 1,200,000. What he does is so simple that again the author was hesitant to reveal it. In Chapter 5 he tells of the man who won the Grand National three years in a row. Using this Power he placed his bets no matter what the odds. NO ONE EVER GETS RICH BY FOLLOWING WHAT OTHERS DO. This Power guides you on your particular path to fortune, what will work for you and not necessarily for others. This is the secret of the Magus Maximus, explained in Chapter 23.

You will read of how one man won (modestly) five out of six lotteries. The author researched the case of a 41-year-old man whose disease was considered ‘incurable’. In what seems like a definite undeniable ‘miracle’ he was wholly cured in one day by his experience of this Power. He was still alive 63 years later, enjoying life, and still working! This amazing event so long ago changed his outlook for ever, creating a transformation in his consciousness. ‘Magus’ means ‘magic’, but not the magic of rituals and candle burning: it is a magic of the spirit.


A woman prayed for years for an end to her ulcers, but her prayers were never answered. And her in-laws were causing her grief. Through the aegis of the Magus Maximus the ulcers disappeared; also her in-laws suddenly became nice to her! The book explains why her prayers were not answered and why all the prayers and beseechings in the world will not work if you are not attuned to this Power.

ONCE ATTUNED, IT WILL WORK CONTINUOUSLY AND UNFAILINGLY FOR YOU. You will realize that you have a Silent Partner that cannot fail you. Many believe they have no choice but to struggle. You can have a different belief. This different belief can be given to you. Automatically. And doors will open for you.

Three of the most extraordinary examples of this belief at work can be found in Chapter 18: Almost overnight a woman turned into a cripple. She was told she would spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair. With nothing to lose she tried the belief of the Magus Maximus. After a month she had no further need of a wheelchair. She has since experienced the energy and vitality of a teenager, so infused is she with this Power! But why did her body fail her in the first place!

And why was such a spectacular recovery possible? The book explains. A child was in danger of death from a strange and mysterious condition. Doctors held out no hope. The child’s father, believing in this Power, followed the Magus Maximus; the child made a rapid and complete recovery. Most remarkable of all was the young epileptic whose life was transformed. How the Power operated in this instance is a clear demonstration of why scepticism is foolish.

WHATEVER YOU WANT CAN BE YOURS. True love; the person you fancy who at present may not know you even exist. Recovery of lost love. Read in Chapter 21 of the young lady who was strangely led to the home of her dreams. Financial worries can be ended. You can influence others. You can bring others into harmony with you. Strained relationships can be healed; lost love revived. Make what you want to happen through the Power of the Magus Maximus.

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