Then a Magical Thing Happened By Audra

Then a Magical Thing Happened By Audra
 Then a Magical Thing Happened By AudraThen a Magical Thing Happened By Audra 

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This phrase is the key to an amazing magical formula which the author Audra claims is the surest for results. ‘IN THE PAST MONTH IT HAS BROUGHT ME EVERYTHING I WANT, ESPECIALLY MATERIALS POSSESSIONS’, she wrote to us. ‘This formula can be applied anywhere … whether you are at work, on the bus, sitting at home watching TV, or even out taking a walk, you can use it and get definite results’, she says. Do not be deceived by its simplicity! For you have to really want the thing you desire for it to work!

If the need or desire is genuine, results can appear, she says! The phrase ‘Then a magical thing happened’ is the link between the need and its fulfilment! You have to first decide exactly what you want. You then hand it over to the formula which in turn hands it over to the forces of the universe. While in essence the formula is so simple that a child could follow it, it must be followed in every detail. It can solve any problem you have. It can seemingly ‘materialize’ any material desire, be it a new car or antique jewelry! It can influence another person to behave in the way that you want. It can be applied every time you gamble. It can be used to improve health. It can be used to influence those in authority. The formula sets in motion the forces of the universe which are impossible to stop!

No harm can befall you, for these forces work only for your good. ‘You can have anything’, says Audra. ‘Money, good luck, perfect health, lots of self-confidence, job promotion, the fixing of a relationship.’ There are no limits!

Follow this formula, and you will truly find, ‘a magical thing happens’!

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