Turning Wishes into Realities By Audra

Turning Wishes into Realities By Audra

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“Whatever you wish for—be it money, more friends, a new car, romance, vacations abroad, material possessions, or simply peace of mind—it can be yours through the amazing powers of white magick”, declares white witch and spells expert Audra. ‘The Magickal Advert Spell brought me a gorgeous sapphire ring, whilst the Wishing Pyramid Spell secured me a new laptop. ‘The Romance Spell rekindled the romance in my relationship whilst the Techno Spell got me a loan I didn’t expect to get. ‘Whenever I feel the need to impress people, I cast the Glamour Spell. It has never failed me.

The I Wish Spell has worked for me in all sorts of situations, but I have found it particularly effective financially. ‘Most recently the Magickal Powder Spell brought me a large cash windfall’. She adds: ‘These spells and the others in my booklet are simple to do and are absolutely safe. No summoning of evil spirits—you work only with the beneficent forces of the universe’.

(Publisher’s note: I have a sneaking feeling that she put a spell on me to get her work published. It evidently worked)!




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