Witchcraft Powers of the Magickal Wishing Pot by Audra

Witchcraft Powers of the Magickal Wishing Pot by Audra

Daemonic Dreams

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Have you ever wished that you could find the answer to all of those problems in life, which you just don’t seem able to solve by yourself...

... Those niggling Money worries - the overdraft, credit card debt or unpaid bills?...

That feeling that you can’t get ahead in your career - the over-bearing boss, the critical colleagues, the lack of Promotion opportunities?

... The unfulfilled Love-life - the straying partner, the elusive Soul-mate, the lack of Passion?

... That knowledge that you’re somehow being held back from the good things in life?

Well, you’re most certainly not alone - these are issues which have affected us all, since the dawn of modern civilisation, and Hereditary Coven Witch AUDRA is back with this astounding Volume, detailing how you can easily address each and every one of them, changing your life dramatically with the ancient powers of Witchcraft!

Most of us are familiar with the Children’s Fairy-Tale, recounting the story of a Magickal Porridge Pot, which provided never-ending servings of the creamy cereal whenever the Magic Words were recited. What most don’t know is that this wonderful fable is actually based upon the notion of the ‘Witch’s Pot’ (or Magick Cauldron), and that ANYONE can easily create their very own - and one which does FAR more than just provide porridge!

In her usual, no-nonsense style, Audra takes you by the hand, and leads you, step-by-step, through the process of creating your very own MAGICKAL WISHING POT (any small pot, or even a simple box is all you need!) which can be used, time-and-time again, to enrichen your life in more ways than you could possibly imagine!

Whether you desire Money, Love, Health, Beauty, Power, Revenge, Control - Your Magickal Wishing Pot will always stand ready to serve you, whenever you need it.

Revealed for the very first time within this ASTONISHING title, and finally released to the general public, you will find not only full instructions for the construction of your own Magickal Wishing Pot (or box, if you wish), but also a hugely extensive section of ready-made WISHING POT SPELLS. These have been developed by Audra herself, and tested by members of her Coven with DEVASTING effects!

You’ll find Spells to use your Magickal Wishing Pot to....

- Draw upon the Irresistible Powers of the Elemental Spirits to bring forth Love & Lust
- Discover new Friendships and Loves
- Keep your partner faithful... or make them return to you if they’ve strayed
- Unleash a tidal-wave of Beauty and Health benefits
- Draw Wealth, Success and Luck in Gambling
- Provide Powerful Occult Protection for yourself and your Home
- And much, MUCH more!

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