Magick Witchcraft Power by Carl Nagel

Magick Witchcraft Power by Carl Nagel
 Magick Witchcraft Power by Carl NagelMagick Witchcraft Power by Carl Nagel 

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Carl Nagel


Any woman or man, fit or disabled, regardless of age and status, can become a witch’, declares author Carl Nagel ‘Witchcraft’ is still a word that evokes both fascination and fear. ‘Fascination’ because of its allure and ‘fear’ because of the curses and malevolent powers witches are said to possess.


You don’t have to be the seventh son of a seventh son or belong to a secret coven.

Carl Nagel’s life changed through Magick Witchcraft Power. He wrote a book – his first – and immediately had it accepted by a publisher. A life-long dream of visiting a far off destination was fulfilled.
Both happened after using Magick Witchcraft Power.

He has never looked back and claims that the reader ‘can unequivocally do the same’.

He has no time for the lies and mystery surrounding witchcraft. For him it is a practical art, demonstrable by its results. And he says anyone can become a witch – immediately!

This book is all you need!


You can practise witchcraft the moment you have read this book.

No difficult rituals. Its rituals, chants and invocations can be employed by anyone to great effect, he claims.

A young woman was troubled by a suitor who would not get the message that she was not interested. SHE STOPPED HIM DEAD IN HIS TRACKS THE MOMENT SHE INVOKED MAGICK WITCHCRAFT POWER.  She found it easy! And thereafter felt so empowered. Her story, along with the others cited here, can be found in this book.

This is the most wonderful thing about witchcraft – that sense of empowerment it gives.  You can experience it for yourself within moments of reading this book, says Mr Nagel!

Another young woman, very shy, longed for one who seemed unobtainable. Magick Witchcraft Power made her dream come true.

Each story is direct from Carl Nagel’s experience: people whom he’s personally known and observed, people who followed his advice; and those seasoned witches who related their experiences to him.  You will read of women and men in seemingly impossible situations – only to be ‘miraculously’ extricated through Magick Witchcraft Power.

A man, middle-aged and divorced, felt he stood no chance of finding true love again. Magick Witchcraft Power changed all that.

An unemployed woman with mounting debts could see no hope – until she turned to Magick Witchcraft Power!

Absolutely no harm can befall the practitioner of witchcraft, says Mr Nagel!

All the negative stories heard about witchcraft, he says, emanate either from the Church – which always opposed beliefs and practices older than itself – or from those witches seeking to keep away outsiders.  But this is nonsense: no-one, he says, has the absolute right to withhold magickal knowledge, and certainly not from the powerless and the struggling!


Mr Nagel claims that almost anything can be achieved or accomplished through Magick Witchcraft Power, be it of a love, health or financial nature – whatever!

But is this witchcraft ‘white’? You can practise whatever you choose with Mr Nagel’s book: ‘white’, ‘grey’ or ‘black’. He prefers the term ‘grey’ because, he says, life itself is seldom black and white. He shows how to protect oneself from obnoxious forces or people and – when necessary deal with them in a dramatic way!  BUT NO HARM BEFALLS THE WITCH!, he claims.
‘That one could “go to hell” is malicious nonsense spread about by those who fear losing their power.’

THIS BOOK PULLS NO PUNCHES. Page after page it takes you through every detail of witchcraft, particularly making it easy for the individual to get started right away.

This book is by one who has studied the occult all his life – BUT MAGICK WITCHCRAFT POWER BROUGHT HIM THE THRILLING CHANGES HE SOUGHT.

Here is a partial outline of this book’s exciting content:


  • How to use Magick Witchcraft Power to create the future of your choice …
  • The missing dog who returned the very next day after his owner invoked Magick Witchcraft Power …
  • Why these witchcraft spells, chants and rituals must work …
  • The case of the lottery coupon found on the street …
  • She used this power to find the perfect husband …
  • How one man used Magick Witchcraft Power for his badly broken right arm …
  • How a low-paid receptionist transformed her fortunes …
  • He ignored the signs and paid with his life …
  • How film star Kirk Douglas avoided disaster …
  • The Grand Prix curse – witches would not have ignored. the warnings to Ascari …
  • The power of the cards …
  • The secret rites of the witchcraft sex orgy (not essential for the reader, but included for the sake of completeness).

Witchcraft is not a narrow bigoted creed: indeed there are in this book Spells from the Bible and rites from places as disparate as Ghana and Scotland!

Witchcraft can be pursued privately by a lone individual: joining a coven is not mandatory; although with this book one could have the wherewithal to form one’s own coven.

This book steers you in the right direction for success: don’t fear to be a witch: instead revel in its secret liberating empowerment. A book worth every penny...

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