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The powerful, ancient Magick of the Indias is rarely seen in its authentic form, and the Black forms and Rites of this tradition are even more inaccessible to Occult students and practitioners in the West.

So powerfully sacred and revered is this type of Magick, that most Gurus are NEVER permitted to pass their knowledge onto outsiders, on pain of death.

For the first time, a genuine student of a Guru has agreed to have his society's astounding, life-changing Magickal system, along with some amazingly useful Rituals, finally published for all to work with.

Within these pages, you will find a variety of GENUINE Black Rites of the Indias, intended to bring their users a variety of rewards and abilities; whether you seek riches and fame, or love and pleasure, this introductory volume has a Ritual intended to help you achieve whatever you desire.

Also included are Magickal Rites of Death and punishment which have never previously been seen by most.

This remarkable set comes complete with SEVEN special Denotational Image Standees of the Indian Gods who you will be forming a link, and working with, in the use of this darkly powerful book.

BE WARNED! This title is NOT for use by Minors, those of a nervous disposition, or in Countries where Pagan Rites are outlawed.

This book contains some references to activities which may be ILLEGAL in certain Countries. Sensible research is advised.

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