Quincunx Rites For Quickest Results By Audra

Quincunx Rites For Quickest Results By Audra

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Brand:  Finbarr Occultism

Quincunx magick is remarkable for the speed with which it works, according to occultist-author Audra.

Five is the principle working here, specifically four plus one.

The magician stands in the centre of a room and its four corners, the magician making it five.

Anyone who has magically stood at a room’s centre will testify to the power felt.

Contents of this spell-working manual include:

• The Quincunx Wishing Spell for getting anything you want.

• Quincunx Curing Rite for punishing those who have wronged you.

• The Power of the Four Great Names.

• Quincunx Rite for protection.

• Quincunx Rite for finding a job.

• Quincunx Money-Flowing Rite.

• Quincunx Rite for Love.

• Quincunx Rite for Lust.




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