Magick Power of the Hoodoo Saints by Carl Nagel

Magick Power of the Hoodoo Saints by Carl Nagel

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 Now YOU Can Employ the Occult Forces of the Saints & Psalms to Make
Your Dreams A REALITY!



Carl Nagel


Occult expert, Carl Nagel returns with his latest work - a fascinating system of Hoodoo workings, based upon the Catholic Saints and their associated Psalms.

Hoodoo practitioners have long viewed the Holy Bible as an ACTIVE GRIMOIRE, and have developed a simply STUNNING range of Ceremonies and Rituals, directly focussed upon the Saints and Psalms of the Church.

Whilst a great many of these traditional workings are incredibly complex, some taking weeks to complete correctly, Carl Nagel has done what he does best for this book - he has condensed, honed, focussed and distilled the essential core of these Hoodoo practices, and presents them here - for the very first time - in a simple, easy-to-follow way.

Even if you have no previous experience of Hoodoo Practices, such is the skill that Nagel brings in re-packaging them for the 21st Century that even complete novices can expect to see an almost immediate inrush of Occult Blessings!

Within the pages of this remarkable book, you''l learn how to effectively employ Hoodoo Stone Magick, Hoodoo Candle Magick and Hoodoo Oil Magick, as well as discovering the properties of Hoodoo Powders such as the Legendary 'Goofer Dust'.

The main body of this work, however, goes into even more detail in the specific use of the Hoodoo Saints themselves. Here, you'll learn how to select a specific Saint for your Occult Workings, and exactly how to employ the Biblical Psalms associated with both the Saint and your Occult Intent (don't worry - you'll find ALL of the necessary MYSTICAL PSALMS contained within).

Whatever your desire, you will almost certainly find a Supremely Powerful Hoodoo Working inside!

...From Spells for Love and Friendship, to Workings to Dominate a Lover... From Working with the ASTOUNDING Powers of Saint Expedite to bring all your goals to fruition, to using Psalm 61 to draw down the Mighty Powers of Saint Martha the Dominator, you will find no more accessible work on the Hoodoo Saints!

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