Book of Shadows By Brittany Nightshade

Book of Shadows By Brittany Nightshade
 Book of Shadows By Brittany NightshadeBook of Shadows By Brittany Nightshade 

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Black Magic Edition: Book of Shadows:

Black Magic Spellbook of Curses, Hexes, Enchantments, Summoning and Dark Power


Do you seek revenge, power, understanding, love, or maybe Justice? The ability to exert your will and send destruction to your enemies is in your grasp.

Black Magic is no different from any other practice in that your intentions are being carried out through a ritual that has been constructed to direct your intent and manifest the outcomes you wish to see. This spellbook has a wealth of powerful rituals that have been collected, adapted and shaped by the author, Brittany Nightshade, over the course of her journey on the path of witchcraft.

She's compiled some of her most powerful rituals that you can perform as-is or adapt to fit your needs and is great for the beginner or advanced magick practicioner in search of inspiration. A warning that this spellbook does contain rituals that are forbidden by certain sects of witchcraft such as Gardnerian Wicca as it does not follow the rule of "Harm None", although the ill affects that can come about from black magick are actually the result of misdirected intention and can be avoided through meditation, training, and knowledge.

This spellbook also contains a section on the Futhark Runes and their meaning and can be used for meditation, study and the crafting of your own rituals.

Rituals and Spells on Voodoo, Candle magic, crystal magic, rune magick, enchantment of objects and more. "Let your rituals be the vessel that carries your enemies to their dark demise!

Turn their skies a permanent shade of black!" - Brittany Nightshade "Book of Shadows: Black Magic"

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