Enchantment by Audra

Enchantment by Audra

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The Magick Way to Turn Wishes Into Realities

by Audra

You can lead an ‘enchanted life’! You can possess the amazing power of the spell casters and magicians of old! You can have everything you desire!

This book reveals how to enchant your life. How to use magick that fulfils not just one wish but all your wishes.

Here is simple yet potent magick for making your life go smoothly. WHATEVER YOUR NEED, THERE IS AN ENCHANTMENT IN THIS BOOK TO HELP YOU.

‘Results are certain’, the author declares. ‘Depending on the nature of the enchantment you can get a result within a few days. Sometimes it takes longer, but a result is always sure.’ These enchantments automatically open the doors to the abundance of the universe. What you desire is then inexorably drawn towards you. But the doors open both ways. For enchantments can be employed to get rid of things too. Nuisance people. Nuisance neighbours; any unwanted person can be made to exit your life. You can replace the people you don't want in your life with those that you do.

Such is the magick power of enchantment!

The book goes yet further: exact revenge on anyone who has wronged you and do so safely without incurring ‘karma’.

You can enchant your way to glowing perfect health! To friendship and romance! To financial winnings!

There is no limit, as the book clearly explains. You can take full control of your life. You can make it ‘enchanted’.  You can have the person you want. The power to make someone more agreeable and responsive to you.  On the other hand, you can have the power to make them go. Whatever you set your heart on, you can have. You need not be denied anything. You can practice real magick, which produces results. It's here in this book.

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