Hexen by Audra

Hexen by Audra

Daemonic Dreams

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Renowned Hereditary Coven-Witch Audra returns with a truly REMARKABLE title, dealing with teaching the forbidden arts of 'The Hex'.

No stranger to the creation and use of POWERFUL, devastatingly effective curses, Audra has been finally persuaded to reveal her most effective methods of obtaining a genuine unfair advantage in life - with the use of BLACK WITCHCRAFT!

Be warned - this is no book of stuffy theory, packed with unworkable spells that do nothing but waste your time. Far from it - HEXEN is literally FILLED with simple, safe and EASY-TO-FOLLOW Rituals which are both fast AND devastatingly-effective!

In her usual, no-nonsense fashion, Audra takes you through everything you need to know, in order to assure success in your goals, whatever they may be!

You would be forgiven for assuming that this title is ONLY about curses, and you'd be both right... and wrong... at the same time; within these pages, Audra has laid bare her system - developed across more than a decade - for working POSITIVE curses!

- Need money, fast? You'll find a Curse here to dispel all poverty!
- Need to find a loving partner? There's a Curse here to remove all obstacles!
- Need a Rival dealing with? Yes!! There's Rites here to accomplish exactly that!

In fact, no matter what your intent, HEXEN almost certainly has precisely what you'll need, in order to bring it to pass, using the Ancient Powers of Black Witchcraft.

What's more, the dark materials within these pages can be SIMPLY worked, in the privacy of your own home, and require NOTHING SPECIAL, except one, normal Black Candle, and a pinch of household Salt!

You have literally NOTHING TO LOOSE by employing the devastating powers of Black Witchcraft in YOUR life - you have only to open the cover...

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