In Bed With the Devil by J. Pike

In Bed With the Devil by J. Pike
 In Bed With the Devil by J. PikeIn Bed With the Devil by J. Pike 

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How to Use Satanic & Luciferian Magick to Enrich Every Aspect of Your Life!



J. Pike


Life-long Occultist J Pike (’The Complete 1-2-3 Book of Result-Producing Magick’. ‘Magickal Powers of the Occult’) is back, with his most POWERFUL book of Black Magick yet!

Pike has spent his entire life immersed in the Occult Arts, and has honed his simple, yet highly-effective methods to a fine art. Whilst many books on the subject of Black Magick can have devastating consequences,if not employed correctly, IN BED WITH THE DEVIL has been specifically written to ensure that the simple rituals within are completely safe - even for total beginners.

Make no mistake, though - this is NOT a book aimed only at those who are new to the Occult Arts. IN BED WITH THE DEVIL is, in fact, a masterpiece of Black Magickal instruction, the likes of which we only publish rarely, and a book you will return to, time and again.

Most of all, this is a PRACTICAL work of pure Black Magick - ready to use for your benefit from the moment you open the cover!

Most importantly, this is one title which explains, in simple terms, exactly how to create an effective working Pact with Lucifer himself, to imbue all of your workings with a Dark Power like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Be under no illusion - if you employ the simple Rituals contained here, you will immediately find yourself on the fast-track to a gloriously enriched life. Can you begin to imagine just how different your life would be if you lacked for nothing? Money, Sex, Love, Power, Authority... these and MANY MORE are now yours for the taking!

Within these pages, you will find full, clear instruction on Astral Projection (the ability to move beyond your physical body), a full series of Satanically-channeled Demonic Sigils and their use, ridding yourself of all negative influences (allowing the flood-gates of success and abundance to burst wide open), Rituals for Gambling Success, Peace of Mind, Creating your own 666 Amulet, Simple Exorcism... and this is just scratching the surface!

Here, you will discover pages and pages of simple, effective Rites that will leave your friends and family wondering where your new-found power has suddenly sprung-from!

Cherish this book - for it has the power to change your entire life...




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