Mind Magic for Beginners

Mind Magic for Beginners
 Mind Magic for BeginnersMind Magic for Beginners 

Daemonic Dreams

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Mind Magic for Beginners:

Simple Magic for Wizard Wanna-Bees


ARE YOU LOOKING for a quick way to learn some Powerful Magic so you can create your own reality with ease?

Are you tired of visualizing and waiting, only to not experience the change you were after?

Are you tired of believing and exercising great faith, and then not seeing miracles result?

Are you tired of working hard to attract positive change into your life?

Bring those changes into your reality directly and easily with powerful Mind Magic! Faster than the Law of Attraction, More powerful than affirmations, Able to alter reality in a single bound! It’s… Mind Magic!

Mind Magic is a powerful methodology of magical practice that requires no special objects, no spells, and no rituals. It’s easy to learn and easy to practice. And it’s fun! Mind Magic for Beginners goes way beyond the Law of Attraction! With Powerful Mind Magic, you can change your reality in the Present Moment. Move over Law of Attraction. Let’s make some MAGIC!

The book includes dozens of practical exercises in magic that you can do yourself to improve your life in the areas of:

* Health and wellness

* Injuries and illness

* Money, job, and career

* Protection and shielding

* Body image

* Time, sleep, and peace

* Projects, games, and events

* And much more!

Does this describe you?

Have you heard about creating your own reality and wished you could get it to work for you? Have you put effort into positive thinking and made just a little bit of change—but nothing especially magical? Have you read stories of others who used positive thoughts to work miracles in their lives and wish you could do the same? Have you seen the potential of what your life could be like if only you could put more and more effort into getting this Law of Attraction thing to work for you? Have you thought that real magic, if it does exist, is only for gurus that devote their lives to it? Have you believed that practicing real magic must require rigorous daily routines, strange rituals, or intense meditation methods that you just can’t see yourself doing? Do you wish that there was a simple, straightforward, quick, and easy way to learn some basic mind magic that could better your daily life? Do you want to move way past the Law of Attraction and Reality Creation ideas into a realm of working real magic in the moment? Then read on—this book is for you!

This book is for the person who has learned about the power of the mind, the Law of Attraction, or the principles of creating your own reality, but hasn’t figured out how to use them effectively in their own life yet. It’s for the person who’s heard of many miracles and success stories, who’s maybe seen the movie The Secret, and would like to experience those things for themselves. It’s for the person who believes in the idea of positive thinking but would actually like to see it move some mountains in their own life. No, this is not a Law of Attraction book. Hold onto your seat. We’re going to move way past the Law of Attraction!

This book is for the curious. It’s for the person who has no experience in real magic but would like to know a little of it. It’s for the person who doesn’t have the time to study and practice magic aggressively but would like a shortcut to some quick tricks that could help with life’s little challenges. It’s for the person who wishes they knew a little magic here and there to influence the outcome of difficult situations but doesn’t want to put more than a little effort into learning it. It’s for the one who is interested in learning some real magic—maybe has been interested in it for a long time—but just can’t seem to find the time to pursue it. In this well-written book, you’re going to learn powerful magic that you can do with only your mind.

In Mind Magic for Beginners, Merlin Starlight makes it easy to understand the science and principles of magic and simple to begin practicing it.

Start reading it today, and you’ll be working real magic very soon!

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