Plugging into the Cosmos By Ellen Franklin

Plugging into the Cosmos By Ellen Franklin
 Plugging into the Cosmos By Ellen FranklinPlugging into the Cosmos By Ellen Franklin 

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Now you can – at one stroke – ‘plug into’ the awesome energy of Cosmic Power and fulfil your heart’s desires!

Yes, within moments of receiving this unique monograph you can energize yourself to receive the blessings of the Universe. It gives the precise information you need for ‘plugging yourself’ into the limitless abundance of the Universe – ensuring that you become an open and receptive vessel for all the good that you seek.

Quite literally it needs only the mere touch of a finger to set the process in motion. Never lack for love or companionship again when you ‘plug into’ this vast psychic reserve. Summon the forces of good luck and good fortune to aid you in every area of your life!

Banish poor self-confidence. Give yourself a dynamic new self-image. You can ‘plug yourself’ into a new self-image within moments of receiving this exciting monograph! Attract the perfect mate. The Cosmos can bring the person of your dreams to you. The process begins the very moment you plug into your psychic power point!

Through this process you can gain psychic powers and protection from evil.

It is so easy, so simple!

You will feel energized immediately!

You can improve your health – in particular give yourself a strong and robust heart!




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