Witchcraft Rituals of the Elements by Audra

Witchcraft Rituals of the Elements by Audra
 Witchcraft Rituals of the Elements by AudraWitchcraft Rituals of the Elements by Audra 

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 Now YOU Can Employ the Occult Forces of the Magickal Elements to Make
Your Dreams A REALITY!






Hereditary Coven Witch Audra is back with an astonishing title, filled to the brim with Rituals and Spells, all based upon the AWESOME Powers of the Magickal Elements.
From time immemorial, the Four Elements - Earth, Air, Fire and Water - have been employed by Witches, Warlocks, Wizards and Magicians in order to empower their Magickal Rites and Ritual Workings.
Audra has been working with these silent, yet IMMENSELY POWERFUL forces for practically her entire life, and has finally agreed to share her most Potently Successful Elemental Spells and Rituals with our Readers. 
This is information which has NEVER been made available, outside of an established Coven, before now.
What’s your very fondest wish? What have you always longed for, and yet never been able to attain?
Whatever you answer, Audra claims that there WILL be a Spell or Ritual within this book, which will POWER you on your way to your goal so QUICKLY that it will be in your possession before you know it!
As with all of her books, the material contained within these pages has been EXTENSIVELY TESTED by Members of Audra’s own Coven, and have been carefully refined and simplified, in order to make each and every Working as Simple and as Powerful as possible!
In her no-nonsense, down-to-earth style, Audra will guide you, step-by-step through each and every Ritual here, presenting only the essential elements needed for success. 
Make no mistake; this is NOT a book of stuffy theory and history.  As anyone who has used Audra’s Workings in the past will tell you, she is interested ONLY in you attaining REAL RESULTS, and so all extraneous comentary has been kept to a bare minimum, in order to cram in as many Spells and Rituals as possible...
  • The Departing Ritual
  • Spell to Attain Love
  • A Rite to Ensure a Lover Remains Faithful
  • A Ritual to Make an Unwanted Partner Leave
  • A Spell for Recapturing the Romance in a Flat Relationship
  • A Ritual for Growing Abundance and Wealth
  • A Complete Gambling Ritual
  • A Rite for a New Job or SERIOUS Promotion
  • A Whole Host of POWERFUL Protection Rituals - for Yourself AND Others!
...And Much MUCH More!
You have only to open the cover...




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