Witchcraft Summoning Rituals by Audra

Witchcraft Summoning Rituals by Audra
 Witchcraft Summoning Rituals by AudraWitchcraft Summoning Rituals by Audra 

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Eclectic Coven Witch Audra is back - with perhaps her most comprehensive book of simple, effective Witchcraft yet!

WITCHCRAFT SUMMONING RITUALS is a complete work of Occult Spells and Rites, all intended to draw into your life everything that you could ever dream of... whether it be the Love you have been so desperately searching for, the Success that you know you deserve, but which has always eluded you, or the Fabulous Wealth and Opulent Lifestyle that you so richly crave!

Audra has been teaching her craft, privately, for many years, and is now widely-known for her books, which are simple, easy-to-use, and - most importantly - DEVASTINGLY EFFECTIVE.

As with all of Audra's titles, WITCHCRAFT SUMMONING RITUALS can be used by anyone, no matter what their situation - you need have no previous experience of Witchcraft, in order to use the Rites within to excellent effect; performed correctly, they will assist you in reaching your goals in life, whatever they may be!

You need nothing special, apart from one, small bell (easily and cheaply available online), in order to begin to reap the fabulous rewards which are quite literally yours for the taking from the moment you begin to put Audra's craft to use in YOUR life.

Within the pages of this remarkable, life-altering title, you'll find a whole host of Powerful, Occult Workings, all presented in Audra's inimitable, no-nonsense style - workings including...


- Preparing and Cleaning your Witch's Bell
- A full series of awesome Summoning Rituals to unleash a hurricane of Love and Lust
- Summoning Rites for Money and Luck in Gambling
- A set of Career Success Rites, including Summoning Rituals for Promotion & Business Success
- Summoning Rituals to effect Occult Protection of you, your loved ones and your possessions
- A POWERFUL Clearance Summoning, to Dispel all Negative Forces from your Life
- PLUS! A full Miscellany of varied Summoning Rituals for Confidence, Finding Lost Items, Cursing and Obtaining Revenge
- And Much More!




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