Your Destiny is Inside You By Ana Pat

Your Destiny is Inside You By Ana Pat
 Your Destiny is Inside You By Ana PatYour Destiny is Inside You By Ana Pat 

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2021 Readers' Favorite International Book Awards -

Honorable Mention for "Your Destiny is Inside You"


Every so often, you read a book that knocks you completely off of your feet. For me, that book is “Your Destiny is Inside You”. For centuries, people of all different backgrounds and walks of life have delved into the world of spirituality in one way or another. Whether it was through an organized religion, or the type of spirituality that has you look in on yourself and connect with your consciousness and the world, they are all valid ways of being a spiritual person. 

But what this book explores goes beyond the norm of all of that and, it is a true treasure for all.(...) The wisdom throughout this book is truly astounding, and the way the author imparts his knowledge onto the readers and teaches them to listen to their heart while letting go of the suffering of their past is truly awe-inspiring. - Pacific Book Review

"Your Destiny is Inside You" is a book in which Pat takes the readers on an inspiring spiritual journey, and inspires the awakening of a new state of consciousness based on a deep understanding that everything is energy. He demonstrates how the liberation of the ego-based mind transforms consciousness, opening up a whole new world of positive energy allowing you to stay optimistic in your daily life. The book represents a map that leads to the deepest corners of the unconscious, which helps you achieve your ultimate personal and spiritual development.

Pat explains that the world that surrounds us and our inner world are like two wings of one bird. If a bird has one strong wing and the other one is weak, it will never be able to fly.

The book is a deeply spiritual manifesto that emanates with undeniable truth, wisdom and spiritual strength. It's an inspiring story about self-discovery. It teaches the wisdom of listening to your own heart. It helps to get rid of suffering and obsessions based on self-limiting beliefs that deprive you of joy, peace and creativity.

This is one of THE BEST books that I have ever read. I will be reading this over and over again. - Bonnie B, Reviewer

"Your Destiny is Inside You" is one of the few books that have the extraordinary power to create inspiring and motivating thoughts that can radically change the readers' lives. It's a book that's worth coming back to from time to time.

Pat's writing is compelling throughout, and the section on meditation included at the end of this text was one of the best-written explanations I have ever read. - James W Vine Voice

INCLUDES APPENDIX: Meditate and live an active life.

-What is meditation and what benefits does it have?
-How to learn to meditate? The first steps.




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