Elemental Magic by Mari Silva

Elemental Magic by Mari Silva
 Elemental Magic by Mari SilvaElemental Magic by Mari Silva 

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Secrets of Water, Earth, Fire, and Air Magic


Four manuscripts in one book:


  • Water Magic: Harnessing the Power of the Natural Force Found in the Ocean and Sea and the Secrets of Celtic Witchcraft and Scottish Magick
  • Earth Magic: Harnessing the Power of Green Witchcraft, Herbs, Plants, Essential Oils, and Natural Spells
  • Fire Magic: Secrets of Witchcraft, Spells, Candle Burning Rituals, Norse Paganism, and Divination
  • Air Magic: Harnessing This Natural Element in Witchcraft and Magic Using Spells, Crystals, Rituals, Herbs, Meditation, Astral Travel, and Totems along with How to Connect with Animal Spirit Guides

In part one of this book, you will:
  • Learn how water magic works
  • Discover the various sacred entities and mythical creatures associated with water
  • Learn how to work with the energy of these divine beings
  • Discover the fascinating Scottish and Celtic lore surrounding water
  • Master the key elements you need to know to craft your own altar
  • Learn how to work with water for purification and blessing
  • Discover the various kinds of magical waters and how to make them yourself
  • Learn more about the various kinds of water witches and how to figure out which one you are
  • Discover the power you can unleash to manifest your desires with just a glass of water
  • Learn how to make holy water without needing to step foot in a church

In part two of this book, you will:
  • Learn the essence of Earth Magic and how to unravel your own natural magic
  • Discover techniques and examples that show you how you can harness the Earth’s energies to change your life
  • Learn to consult the gods for assistance with problem-solving and decision making
  • Master the art of herbalism and crystal magic
  • Identify the difference between an Earth witch and other kinds of witches
  • Discover how to formulate magical items for your benefit
  • Protect your home and property against psychic and spiritual attacks
  • Receive step-by-step instructions on how to perform rituals, spell-work, and more
  • Discover tips and tricks to accelerate your learning and become an expert witch in no time

In part three of this book, you will:
  • Learn about the origins of fire magic
  • Discover the fire entities, deities, and dragons associated with fire magic
  • Understand how to safely create your own Fire Altar
  • Discover the correct way to perform different kinds of Fire Magic rituals, including candle burning ceremonies
  • Learn how to use fire in divination
  • Learn the basics of pagan Fire Festivals
  • Master different types of fire spells and discover the best way to perform them
  • Explore easy yet powerful pyromancy divination methods

In part four of this book, you will:
  • Learn about the power of air, an underrated element that can bring fast results
  • Discover the air deities and all that they represent in your magical practice
  • Learn how to create your own air magic altar
  • Learn how to create your own rituals for every occasion
  • Discover the truth about crystals and how they act as amplifiers of energy
  • Master the power of smell and how you can capitalize on the gifts of essential oils
  • Learn how the herbs you have in your kitchen may be packed full of magic
  • Discover the cleansing power of incense and how you can use it to channel the energy of air
  • Master special meditations for working with the element of air
  • Learn how to travel through the astral plane and discover a world of wonder
  • Discover spells you can use right away to demonstrate the power of air

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